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    Default dividing a week between cti and css??

    we have been to css twice and absolutely love it. we have our 30th anniversry coming up and are debating on trying something new..cti or splitting aweek between two couples resorts. Has anyone tried this and how smooth was the transfer?
    thanks for you help

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    We stayed a week last year and did a split between CSS and CTI. The transfer is quick and easy as they'll drive you over the morning you're scheduled to leave. What seemed to be a problem for us was that we had just settled into one resort when we had to move to the other. Given the chance to do it again we'd simply have done the "trading places" day visit or done a 10 day stay as we could split the stay a little more evenly and stayed longer at each. We prefer CSS to CTI but both are great in their own way.

    You're welcome,

    Bart & Bug

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    We also split a week between CTI and CSS last July. As Bart and Bug have already said, the transfer couldn't be easier. One thing to note, if there is a special offer requires a seven day stay (eg: last year they had spa and gift shop credits for 7 day minimum stays) the seven days has to be at one resort. Splitting the seven days will make you ineligible for the credits

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    thanks for your help. was wondering how cti au natural island compares to css sunset beach? i know its hard to compare but any opinions would be appreciated. we also visited cn last fall. liked it but was not crazy about location and lack of food and bar at the au natural beach.

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    Thanks for your info. was wondering how the au natural beaches compare? we love css but are wanting to try something new. we weren't thrilled with cn au natural beach and bar setup. what are your thoughts on cti?
    we appreciate any info

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