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    Default Was Jamaica/Couples affected by the Earthquake?

    A 7.0 hit off the coast of Haiti. That's a pretty big quake by any standards. There is a tsunami watch in effect, but they didn't specify on the news as to which countries or regions where this may be in effect.

    Hope all is well down there.

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    The tsunami watch for Jamaica was removed fairly quickly. No tremors felt on the west side of the island...the biggest complain we've had here in Negril has been the rough seas and cold weather (not earthquake related)...the cold front is to pass or lighten by this weekend...and in the grand scheme of things, compared to the Haitian devastation, I'm keeping my mouth shut from now more complaints from me about being miserable, weather wise....but for the grace of God, I could be living in Haiti and then I truely WOULD have something to be miserable about.

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    Something to note about the Haitian disaster: One of the first Nations to mobilize and begin relief and aid efforts was Jamaica. As rough as the people of Jamaica have it in their economy and making things go for themselves, they did not hesitate when their neighbors desperately needed help with recovery from a terrible natural disaster. I think their efforts are truly noble in light of the distrust of many nations for one another in todays world. They simply saw their neighbor in need and they reached out immediately with what ever they could offer to help. These are good people. You will hear much about the U.S. and other countries extending money and hands to help out, but you will have to do some digging to find out what the smaller and less powerful are doing to help the poor people of Haiti. God bless all those who do what ever they can.

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