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    Default Repeaters Dinner at CN

    What night is the repeaters dinner held at CN.



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    I believe it is on Monday.

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    We just came from there so it is on Monday evenings at the Otaheite.
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    I am pretty sure it is Monday night. We will get to join this year. I love couples...

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    The repeater dinner is Monday nite and is to die for

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    Mondays last couple times we were there.

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    Thanks everyone - I am looking forward to it in March


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    Monday night. What a great time!! You sit with one of the staff and enjoy some of the best food you will have that week. Last year was our first repeat. We will be back in about two months.

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    how are you made aware of the repeaters dinner and that you are invited? We will be repeating for the first time in April.


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    I have the same question as Jay. We went 2 years ago (2008) and wanted to know how to get on the list. We signed up for couples rewards right after the trip but was told that it expires every year and that our first trip would not be included in the rewards program.

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    It's kinda weird talking about repeaters dinner when we haven't even so much as stepped foot on Jamaican soil. Yet because our debut trip first includes a 7 nite stay at CTI, our subsequent 4 nite stay at CN has qualified us as repeaters.

    Because we're only there 4 nites, it really hasn't been our intention to have one of them dedicated to the repeaters dinner. Yet some of you have really plugged it big time to the point that I now wonder if we should take advantage of it.

    For you CN vets who can recall back to their very first trip there, I post this question: Knowing what you know now, yet keeping in mind it's our first time, if you only had 4 nites to dine, would you use one of them for the repeaters dinner or base all 4 nights on separate dining?

    BTW, we'll have all 4 nights available because they run from Sat thru Tues, so there are no party/buffet bashes scheduled such as the Thursday beach gala, which would automatically remove that nite for us. So all four of them are otherwise free.

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