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    Default Deep Sea Fishing

    Has anyone done a deep sea fishing excursion? Do the hotels offer them or do you have to book on your own? Does anyone have recommendations for companies that do this? Any info, feedback or input is appreciated.

    Still haven't decided which hotel - debating between CSA and CSS! From reading the MB and the website- the biggest difference is that CSS is more spread out and CSA has a better beach?

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    Melly - email me: and I'd be happy to share some information with you!

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    Do you have any information about deep sea fishing from CN?

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    I second the request about info for CN....going back for the second time in April to CN and think I might like to try some deep sea fishing!

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    Default fishing cn

    we have gone deep sea fishing twice from negril. stanleys deep sea fishing was who we fished with. they have 2 boats in negril. we caught tuna and rainbow runners. took them back to the resort and had them cooked for supper. they were great. last trip we saw some dolphins and found a refridgerator floatin in the ocean??? the resort can put you in touch with them or they have a website. i know they can handle trips for cn and csa. dont know about cti or css.


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    Genensuze - do you recommend booking with Stanley's ahead of time before arriving, or just talking with your tour desk upon arrival? Which did you do?

    Also- we'd rather not pay for the whole boat alone. If you are flexible with days, do they make an effort to match you up with other people? If you are the only ones, do you have to pay more?

    Any further info is appreciated, thanks.

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