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    Default 2nd Annual New England/Jamaica PAR TAA

    There's still room if you wish you join us for dinner.

    If so drop me an email and let me know so I can fill you in on details. RDYJMJM@YAHOO.COM

    The place where all of New Englands Coupleholics come together.

    2nd Annual New England/Jamaica PAR TAA.
    March 20, 2010,
    Radisson Inn, Plymouth, Massachusetts

    Join us and meet the Randymon in person.

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    March 20th is around the corner.

    Join us for an evening out and we kick spring off with the desire for Jamaica.

    NHMON... Crabracer... SUEANDBILL... STEVE&LIN... Miss Kitty...
    Bonz1962 & N1rfu... SUZNJOE... TravelPatty... Sarah & Baxter...
    Ernie &Maryjane... Islandbliss & Capt'n Ron... DaveBeth... KevPow...

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    Time is ticking by. Almost last call. You snooze you loose.

    Who would want to pas up a chance to Par Taa with the Randymon?

    If you live in New England don't let it be you!

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    Tick Tick Tick

    No more to PAR TAA with the Randymon?

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    What does PAR TAA stand for? I undetstand that it is a get together for couples who went to Couples in a specific area but what does the letters PAR TAA mean? Just curious

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    It was started by Tommywommy putting that southern twang on the word PARTY. You know us Northerners pronounce our R's so PAR TAA is the southern derivitive.

    If that explanation doesn't work we at least created a word that caught your attention.

    This PAR TAA aka party is for those to visit any of Couples Resorts and are simply New England Coupleholics. In fact no matter where you live you are welcomes to attend.

    We turn NO Coupleholocs away.

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    RDYJMJM: Thank you oh so much for your explanation. I guess it is like when Tommywommy says he is from 10 O C!

    PAR TAA on

    How about a Long Island NY PAR TAA? I know there are a lot of us LI Islanders that love Couples!

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    If you plan it, they will come.


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    I do have to advise you that if you decide to use the word PAR TAA then you must invite Randymon to it.

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    March 20th is coming up fast! Are you ready?

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    We're ready... but we have to go to CN first... in less than 3 weeks!!!

    John & Kim

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    We're ready to PAR TAA but we have to go to CSA in 17 days. See you first in JA, Kim and John.

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    OK so we are going to have a TAN SHOW OFF. Who will have the darker tan?

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    Will it count if you get it from a tanning booth? LOL

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    Only Jamaican tans have that rum afterglow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RDYJMJM View Post
    OK so we are going to have a TAN SHOW OFF. Who will have the darker tan?
    Ok... well that would be me. In 3 days, I'm gonna go work on that. The nice people in US immigration are always asking for my greencard on our way back... Sorry, tho, it might be hard to tell, as i wont have any tanlines...

    -The Captain

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