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    Default Does anyone ever swim out to CTI or too far?

    Any crazies that have made the swim? Is it allowed?

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    I swam back from the island on our last day with a guy who does triathlons. He and his wife swam out there a few times. It is fairly dangerous to do it during a busy watersports time because boats could be whizzing by with skiers. If you're a strong swimmer I would just ask first at the watersports shack to be safe.

    I also saw a couple people "float" over on their chairmats before the boat started taking people over.

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    It has been known to happen. I noticed one guy that swam out when we there there in Nov. I have also been told from a few people that they made the trek on a kayak when the boat was not running due to waves. There are also rumors of some night time activity.
    Shane and Cathy

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    The night time swims are not "rumors". We wanted to see the island long before we made our first "official" daytime visit. It really is a beautiful place....especially on a summer night with millions of stars in the sky. We swam out with chairmats, stayed an hour or so, and swam back. By the way...much easier coming in with the current than going out. Word got out that we had been out and the next evening, another couple asked us if we would go again with them. Had a great time that evening also. That was several years ago. Since then, we have become daytime islanders and would not change it for the world. However, now that you all have me thinking about it, we may have to add in a night time trip to the island this summer.
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    It's allowed and we know people who swim it every morning for exercise. However, it's not allowed during the day when watersports is open because that part of the water is used for the boats and is too dangerous to have swimmers. So if you feel inclined to make the swim before 9am or after 5pm, go for it! Just know that it's at your own risk because there aren't any lifeguards.
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    I have swam it on the way back before... im no triathalon swimmer, but i guess im in OK shape, and it was no problem... question is always when to put on a swimsuit :> always fun to watch the textiles reaction when the wife meets you on the beach with your shorts :>

    -The Captain

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    My hat's (and suit's) OFF to you swimmers! I am a pretty good swimmer but after drinking on the island all day, would not try it. (Too "lazy"!)

    But, Ron, anyone who can waterski au naturel like you and IslandBliss can do ANYthing!! Thanks for the entertainment!

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    Yes, have seen it multiple times. Both men and women.
    Just NO Bob Marley's before you try please!

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    After reading this thread...I am thinking that I may try the swim to/from the island. Once I see it in person I may back out but we will see! After a few cocktails on the island and sitting in the sun with my wife I may need some time time to cool down!!

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    I swam it A/N several times both ways. Once I gave my swimsuit to my wife and ran down the pier and jump off at the end straight to the island. After I was in the water I looked back and noticed they were doing the orientation for the new guests. There were more than a few people pointing at me! It was a hoot! It is harder swimming out than back. The guy who operates the boat looks out for you when you cross. When you go across you do need to look out for boats. When I came back I put my bathing suit over my head and put it back on when I got back on the pier. I recommend you do it sober though.

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    As a regular swimmer I am not concerned with the distance, only issues with currents. It seems like this is really a non issue, more or less only incoming tide to swim against going out. Do I have it right?

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    My husband and I have done it a couple of time. We also like to snorkel out there you get to see some great sea life that way. Just be warned there are barracudas that swim near the Island as they get fed once in a while. Don't wear anything shinny, as the barracudas like them and you will be ok.

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