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    Default Randymon: swim up bar question...

    Is there any chance the swim up bars could stay open longer? I can understand if you want them closed for dinner with the patio right there (CSA), but what about opening then at night? I love the pool at night and a swim up bar at night would be great.

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    I would think this could get tricky. The swim up bars tend to be more of a party and get loud. There are guest rooms very close to the swim up bar at CSA - those in the Greathouse and the verandah suite buildings next to it. I've stayed in a GVS in the building next to the Great House when Patois Patio first opened and you could hear the sound of dishes from inside the room. IMHO, I would not appreciate listening to the swim up bar party every night from my room. Then there is the issue of people trying to have a peaceful dinner. We've had dinner reservations as late as 9pm (not by choice, but they do exist). If you don't open it until after all dinners are over, then you are back to the issue with the noise infiltrating the rooms late into the night.

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    Forgot about the greathouse rooms. Good point. We just brought beer from the room down to the pool at night and had a nice time with friends we met. Never got loud. I would think the bars in the greathouse would be louder anyway.

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