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    What a small world. We were in the van with Sienna yesterday when you called! I heard her say "Bye Francine" at the end of the call and said "Was that Art and Francine?" She said it was and I told her I had seen your name a lot on the message board! Have a great trip whenever you are coming back here. It's beautifull here even with bad weather! (The weather isn't really that bad...cold and least the sun's back out today! And by cold, I mean below 70!)
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    Hi Wally,

    Thanks for thinking of us, but that wasn't me on the phone (I guess there's another Francine ... Oh boy, hope she doesn't talk as much ! LOL).....
    Anyway, thank you for thinking of us.... Hope the weather gets warmer....
    Wow... less than 70 degrees in Negril... I can't even imagine...

    Keep on having a GREAT Time and thanks for the "Hi"... ENJOY!!

    Art xo Francine

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