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    Default Randymon: Are you getting excited?

    Sorry Randy, but I couldn't resist!
    The rest of us are counting down the sleeps until we get to CTI this week and I didn't want you to feel left out. I know you spend a lot of time at the resorts but you must still look forward to visiting. For the record, you have 3 more sleeps 'til paradise!!! See you there!!

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    So can I safely assume, Sir Randymon will be in attendance for the Anniversary Gala at CTI----That would be fabulous---we had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Henry in 2008 and will certainly look forward to the big mahoff being there----2 more days!!!!!

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    Yes, both Randymon and Seandymon are going to be there and I believe they are playing in the golf tournament. It will be great to finally meet Couples Royalty lol

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    Yessir..both Randy and Sean are going to be there. They are also golfing in the tournament

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