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    Default The Flame at CTI?

    I just read a review on CSA here on the board and they mention a drink called The Flame. It's coffee with jamesons, baileys and overproof rum set on fire. Any chance this is on the menu at CTI?

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    If the ingredients exist, it is on the menu.

    The catch here is that the lighting of the drink is no longer allowed.

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    We have just got back from CTI and unfortunately they will no longer serve the "Flaming Coffee", health and safety concerns apparently. Sad as we loved it, not only the taste but the very special way they flamed the coffee at your table.

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    I have had it in past years, but I don't remember seeing it after the reopening
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    Never heard of it when I was there... but I make a martini called "the irish wake", consisting of Bailey's, Starbucks coffee liquor (or Kahlua), and Jameson.. packs a nice kick.

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