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    Default CSA Oceanview Verandah Suite

    We will be staying there in a month and we wondering if we should request the first floor to have the ease of going in and out on the main level or should we request the second level to have a better ocean view? If you know specific room numbers to request that would be helpful as well. Thanks.

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    Hi Joyce, we too will be staying in one of these rooms - in April and can't wait.

    I have asked similar before, but I think generally the answer is you can request but it may not happen and I'm going to be happy with any!

    Can't wait and hope you have a ball

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    We really enjoy the first floor access over the upper level views. We have stayed in 1st and 2nd level OVS as well as 2nd level Beachfront. The access and convenience is really a bonus to us. I would rather stay in the 1st level OVS than be on the beach in an upper level.
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    personally I like 3rd floor...a view of the beach and more privacy...1st floor is not private enough

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    Like someone else said, you can make the request, but it's no guarantee.

    Regarding which is best, that depends on what you want. What's more important to you? The access or the view?

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    "CSA Oceanview Verandah Suite "

    The room is called an Ocean Verandah Suite, no "view" in the name. If you look at a map of the resort, you can see that these buildings are somehwat blocked from a view by the Beachfront Verandah Suites, which are ON the Beach path.

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    I would go for a third floor corner room. The verandah doors do not lock and so you would be leaving your room vulnerable to anything bad. Also, the third floor has lots of privacy and good views. We stayed in room 3316 which was a third floor corner room that was centrally located on the resort. We loved our room and had two views of the sea. I could see doing a BFVS on the first floor because you can be laying on the beach and keep an eye on your room, but the OVS rooms are behind the beachfront, so you'd be taking a chance. Good luck deciding. You are gonna love CSA.

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    I am assuming that you mean the Ocean Verandah suites. Since these buildings are one row behind the Beachfront verandah suites, you will increase your chances of having a better view of the sunset if you are in a higher floor. We like to be on the 2nd or 3rd floor because we like to sleep with the verandah doors open at night, so that we can listen to the tree frogs and the gentle waves. I wouldn't do that with a first floor room.

    Also, like any hotel, they really discourage you from requesting specific rooms - it's almost impossible for them to grant such a request if you think of the logistics. As a business, they don't want you to be disappointed if you ask for a specific room and they can't grant your request.

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    We loved our 1st floor OVS. A reminder, be sure to take your key with you, even if you exit your veranda door and leave it unlocked. If the staff, during the course of their duties find your room unattended and unlocked, they will secure it for you.

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    We were in room 4109, an Ocean Verandah on the first floor and loved it!! Here are some pics:
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    We much prefer the 1st floor but there are many who prefer the privacy of the 2nd or 3rd floor. We have requested the first floor on our last 2 trips and they have been able to make it happen for us. We leave for our third trip to CSA on Feb. 5!!!


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    I have not been yet- but have been reading on the message board a lot to answer my questions. If privacy is an issue- you may want a 2nd floor. Although convenient to the beach, people are walking by your room to go to the beach while you're sitting on the patio on the 1st floor.

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    Default Ocean Veranda Suite

    We stayed in a 3rd floor room in 2007 - I belive it was building 15 - We loved it! Here are a couple views.

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    I think you will be happy with either...sorry I can't recall our room number. We were on the first floor and LOVED the ease of being able to run in and out withou the stairs. My sister had a 3rd floor room and although her view was nicer, not blocked by as much foliage, she had the stairs and although the stairs are not bad at all, I think I like the first floor. Also I think someone said the Verandah doors don't lock, I'm not sure that is correct. Our Verandah door locked. I LOVE Jamaica and it's a wonderful resort, but I could NOT sleep ANYWHERE if I thought the door could not be locked. You will LOVE IT. I think I'd be happy with a "basement" room if I were in Jamaica! But really I love the Ocean Verandah Rooms...AND they have the mini bar.

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