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    Default CSA 12/27-1/02 Review

    What an unbelievable week we had at CSA (12/27-1/02). We both believe that this is our new “home” in Jamaica. We will try to be as complete as possible and not make it too long.

    FLIGHTS: We flew AJ from /to Ohare. Leaving we were delayed about ½ hr. due to weather and deicing, but other than that the flight was great as usual. We really enjoy this flight as it is an early direct flight. The flight leaving MB was delayed also about ½ hour due to all new security issues.
    IMMIGRATION/CUSTOMS: Smooth and quick on our arrival at MB. Leaving MB was another story. We had never seen so many people and almost utter chaos as there were lines snaking around everywhere. We made it to the gate with about 20 minutes to spare.
    TIMAIR: This was a great experience and time saver. The views were spectacular. 15 minute flight and we were there.
    CSA: Upon arrival we were greeted with wonderful smiles and cold champagne and wash cloths. Our room (BFVS) was not ready so we ate then rechecked about our room and it was ready. We quickly changed and hit the beach. We had room 4324 and loved being on the 3rd floor. We really enjoyed the privacy of this room and view. Coffee in the AM while listening to the waves really set the tone for the day.
    DINING: We found that our favorite restaurant was Patios. We really don’t eat out at “fancy” places and realize that Couples appeals to all cultures, not just us Americans. The banana-stuffed French toast was wonderful. Each morning there was always a “smoothie of the day” and one day it was “Banana and Beer” is was really tasty. We also enjoyed the food at the Seagrapes café (fish tacos, sweet potato chips, and snapper sandwiches, just to name a few). If you are looking for that “comfort American food” the beachside grill does offer burgers, fries, etc. The international buffet was very good. The only “reservations” required restaurant we ate at was Lemongrass.
    BEACH, POOLS/HOT_TUBS: The most beautiful we have seen and we really felt special with the green flag service. Fresh fruit, drinks and cold cloths were a real nice “perc”. At times there were any where from 6-10 ladies tanning topless (no worries, however if you are bothered by this or are embarrassed by it, maybe an adults only resort isn’t for you). We did not utilize any of the pools or hot-tubs as we really like to enjoy the beauty and sound of the Caribbean.
    FITNESS CENTER: This is by far the most complete and well equipped we have ever seen at an all-inclusive on the island. We used this every morning----what a great way to start your day. The lap pool was very refreshing after being in the gym.
    NEW YEARS EVE PARTY: Wow, what can we say about this but what an undertaking it must have been to put this on. The cocktail party in the Aura lounge and then the buffet at the Palms/Lemongrass and entertainment was nothing short of amazing.
    STAFF: We met so many friendly, hard working people who seem to really enjoy their work. Cardo, Tashelle(sp?), Dwayne, Makeasha(sp?), Omar, Kevron, it was a real pleasure getting to socialize and talk with you(yep-we spent time at the beach side bars). We even danced in the sand to beach side reggae tunes.
    MISC. LIKES: Hammock for 2, full moon at night and very early in the AM, “Green guana” drink, Internet Computer lab.

    We met Elvis, Bob, (I-on-foot), your local Ceeeegarette salesman, and all of your local “I have got the “best” smoke on the island pushers too”. Just a friendly no thanks and they were on their way (We still laugh at how they ALL have the best smoke or whatever they think you are interested in).

    As a manager we met said, “It all starts with you---your attitude, patience, expectations”, and that is how we went on this vacation. No worries, no clock watching, no need to be someplace at any certain time. Let yourself relax. We had the most relaxing time and are already saving for our next trip and as we stated earlier we believe CSA is our new home.

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    I really enjoyed reading your review, it sounds like you had a magical vacation. We will be visiting for the first time in March and these reviews make me so happy that I chose CSA.

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    We really enjoyed our stay and each day look back at our pictures and think about our next trip. The feel and friendliness of all is so different than the other all-inclusives we have stayed at(S resorts in Ocho Rios, MB, and BSB in Negril). We joke around that we have "lounge chair syndrome" and the only way to cure it is to go back. Have a great time.

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    I know what you mean about the MoBay airport. On our first trip we flew Saturday to Saturday and it was a mass of people when we left. We now go Thursday to Thursday and the airport is almost empty.

    TimAir is great. We usually take the shuttle to the resort and then take TimAir back to Mobay. It's a great flight.

    Thanks for the review. What was different about security?

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    Before boarding the plane security rechecked ALL carry on luggage by hand. They also opened up any boxed up liquor and you had to remove your shoes again. Nobody was exempt from this rescreening. It took a while but all was good when you got done. We may look into different time frame but with Susie being a teacher our days are somewhat limited by her schedule and we love leaving Wis. in the winter. Oh well, any time in Jamaica is better than no time

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