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    Default artium suites vs ocean veranda suites

    my wife and i will visit csa for the fist time this winter.the tv and mini bar are not a deal breaker.
    has anyone stayed in both? location charm.. and quiet are important to us. what is the scoop?

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    we visited two years ago and started out in the atrium suite but the grout in the bathroom was a little dirty for us so we transferred to a garden verandah suite. We liked the verandah suite better, it was cleaner and we enjoyed having a TV and mini bar more than we thought. The location of the atrium suites are nicer as its a little closer to the beach.
    We are going back this spring and are booking the verandah suite cause it suits us a little better.

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    From my review of CSA last June:


    We were at CSA for two weeks and we intended to stay in an atrium suite for the whole time. We had spent one week in our atrium and were napping in our hammock when renovations began in a block of rooms near us. We called the front desk and were told the work would be going on for the remainder of our vacation. They offered to move us to an Ocean Verandah Suite. The front desk manager (Lenease??) walked us over to our new room block and let us pick between two available rooms. She was very gracious and I appreciate that because I was quite upset about the move. I loved our atrium suite and while an Ocean Verandah is an upgrade, it didn’t have the magic for me. We were given a complimentary 50 minute Couples Massage to compensate for having to pack and move. We didn’t expect this and it was a nice touch.

    Atrium Suite: It approaches irrational how I felt about this room. It was cozy, romantic, private, and very peaceful. Atriums have no TVs and we loved that. It felt like we were on retreat in paradise where we focused on each other and let the outside world go. The verandah was at least as big as the room and had the wonderful giant comfy woven cloth hammocks that you see in resort photos. (Only Atrium Suites have these hammocks.) The Atriums have only four suites per building, so every room is a corner room with windows on 3 sides. The bed was huge and very comfortable. The shower was double wide; easily accommodating two people.

    Ocean Verandah Suite: This was a nice room but it felt much more like a regular hotel room. The verandah was much smaller with no hammock. We had a bit of an ocean view which we enjoyed. There are 12 rooms per building on the newer side of the resort (all rooms with Verandah in the title are on the new side) so half of the rooms are corner rooms and half are middle rooms. We had a 2nd floor corner room. It included a TV and a mini-bar. The bed was the same size and just as comfortable as the one in the Atrium. The grounds on the newer side are beautiful, but not as lush as the older side. We were very comfortable in this room; we just didn’t love it like we loved the Atrium Suite.

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    They have recently redone all the bathrooms in the Atriums, so they are brand new with beautiful blue tile. We like the originial section better. They tried to move us to a verandah suite last year, but we opted to stay put. Love the hammocks and the foliage and the privacy.

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