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    Default Split stay one week in February?

    My husband and I are planning to come to Jamaica for a week this Feburary 17-24. It's our first time, and we're thinking of doing 4 nights Secret Rendezvous and 3 nights CSA. Our only concern with this is that we might not be able to get as many dinner / excursion reservations as we'd like. Will we be able to eat at both CSA reservation only restaurants if we're only there for three nights? We're pretty flexible with times.


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    If you get CTI on the Secret Rendezvous I heard that is a day drive away from the other resorts. That would take away a day from the trip. I would just Secret Rendezvous for the whole time. Any resort you get you will be a wonderful trip. Have a great trip.

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    We just really want to be in Negril at least part of our stay. Others have said the drive is 3-4 hours, which is fine by us. We would stay at CSA the whole time but we would like to save some $ and think we will enjoy seeing two different places.

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    The Negril resorts are around 3 hours from the Ocho Rios resorts.

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    Hi, We too are doing a similar thing - only staying 3 nights and then of to Royal Plantation. But I am worried the restaurants won't be able to get us in.

    My HUsband suggested maybe we are allowed to book restaurants before we arrive - but I don't think this is possible - does any one know???? Do you have to wait untill checkin to reserve restaurants???

    Thanks everyone

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    Our reservation experience at CSA (and CTI and CSS) is that if you are willing to dine later, you can usually get a reservation even on the same night. We prefer a later dinner reservation anyway, so it's OK with us. If you MUST dine at 6:30 or 7:00, you're probably not going to be able to get in. If you're willing to take a seating between 8 and 9, it's usually no problem, mon.

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    Sorry about the time it took to get from one resort to the other. We stayed seven days and did not want to leave the resort for anything.

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    I"m not sure if all the resorts are as accommodating as CSS but both times we went to CSS it was only for 3 nights. I just emailed a few weeks ahead of time and they made our reservations for Casanova and Palazzina before we got there. I've never tried doing that at CSA since we always stay there at least a week, but its worth a try. And I think secret rendevous then CSA sounds like fun!

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