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    I have noticed in some photos that there are vendors set up with displays at CSS. Is this a daily occurance or do they only come on certain days. We are looking for hats in particular.


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    When we were there last January, they only set up on Tuesdays during the evening for the Beach Party. I don't remember seeing any hats, but I could be wrong.

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    The vendors set up daily on the beach by the swim up pool bar. There is a palm hat making class one day. There are outside vendors that come during the beach party and friday night gala.
    They also sell baseball style caps at the gift shop. Hope this answers your question!


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    Certain vendors are there everyday. They set up between the beach and the main pool.
    On Tuesdays they have many vendors/craft people on the lawn in front of B block
    They start to set up right before the beach party begins

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    A few vendors set up pretty much every day down by watersports, next to the swim up bar. The hat guy was there almost every day, and so was the gentleman selling the wood carvings. The lady selling sandals only came on Wed afternoon. The lady selling handmade straw bags was there three or four days. So you'll have no problem buying hats.

    Also there were nice items in the CSS gift shop too.

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    there are as you say vendors at css and the man to see is my freind cecil you can sit with him and make youre own hat out of palm tree leaves or you can buy normal hats with lots of choice .
    we went to css last feb 2009 by far the best place and holiday we have ever had we are planning to go back.
    say hello to cecil when you see him mention me tattoo man he will no who you mean
    you are going to really enjoy css.
    hope this helps thanks tattoo man in doncaster england

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    hope this works here are some pictures of cecil making a hat i watched then i made one for myself.
    he made a little bird and stuck it in the hat and he also made a fruit bowl for my wife and it sits on our table and reminds me of css cant wait to come back.thanks tattoo man
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    they are there, everyday, but they are diffrent somedays, the gift shop is great there too!

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    I only remember them coming once. I think it was the night of the beach party. Hope this helps!

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