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    Hi Everyone,

    We need some advice on how to let our family know how to contact us while we are at CTI in case of emergency.

    Do I just give them the number shown in "Contact Us" on this website? Since it is international, do they dial 011 first or is it something else?

    Once they get through, will the front desk leave a message in our room? Does the phone have voicemail on it? If it is extremely urgent, will someone come and find us?

    We don't have international calling rights on our cell phones so that isn't an option I don't think.


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    CTI has a computer rooom with free internet so you can keep in touch with family via email daily if you wish. Or, yes, use the Contact Us # and they will transfer the call to your room and there is voicemail on the phone (red light appears on phone if you have a message).

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    It's just like any other hotel with a switchboard operator that calls the phone in your room, and there is Voicemail that you can set up on the phone if you wish. I'm not sure how someone would come and get you - unless you are going to tell the switchboard or front desk where you are at all times.

    It's best to entrust someone at home with keys, medical notes for minor children, Pet info, and so on- who is equipped to handle an Emergency, as there really is nothing you can do from so far away.

    You can also add International Call Plan to your phone for the month of your vacation for about $5.00 extra, depending who your carrier is.
    And RELAX

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    Default contact info

    Thank you very much!

    Yes, I'm not sure how they would find us either. I just know that last time we were there (only at Couples one time before) the staff seemed to know who we were right away! That was impressive!

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    Hi All,

    For someone to call from the US to Jamaica do they dial 011 first? So, for CTI, it would be 011 [876] 975-4271?


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