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    Hi All,

    My husband and I got married last week at CSA and we used Stacey Clarke as our photographer. We can’t say enough about how great she is. If anyone is looking for a photographer for an upcoming Couples wedding we highly suggest Stacey. She is very professional, and her presence just puts you at ease and she captured our day beautifully.

    We booked Stacey for two hours for photography. I was up the night before wondering about how the photo session would go and I was worried that we would not know how to stand, smile and what not, but Stacey put all of those worries to rest the second I met her. Stacey has a gift like no other photographer we have ever met. She did all of the work for us, we didn’t have to put any thought into the wedding photos and that made the whole experience delightful.

    We had so much fun walking around the resort taking photos. If any of you are wondering about the time frame, we only had four people at our wedding so the two hours was the perfect amount of time. I would suggest for larger wedding parties to book three hours. Stacey was worth every penny we paid for her and after the photo session my husband and I both agreed that we would have paid double to have the experience we had with Stacey.

    Brandi & Landon

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    Lovely review! We have booked with Stacey 5 hours at CSA 09/04/10 and cant wait! Do you have your photos posted anywhere? I would love to see them!



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    Default photos

    Hi there,

    I don't have any of the photos that Stacey took yet, I will post them as soon as i get them. I posted a pictured that we took after the wedding so you could see the flowers. I hope this helps.

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    hello there

    how much does stacey charge , as we are getting married at cti on the 8th jan 2010 we wouldn't need her for that long as there is only the 2 of us ha!.. can you help? x

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    Brandi...your gown is so beautiful! I love the way the bottom of it flows...can't wait to see your pictures.

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    We had Stacey for the two hours and I would say that is the perfect amount of time for two people. I am not sure if her fees have changed since we booked her but we paid $895.00 for two hours along with the $500.00 to the resort for the outside photographer fee.


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    Thank you so very much! I loved it too!


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    I booked Stacey and cant wait to see the pics already, shes amazing just from seeing her work, shes worth every penny!!!

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    Is your bouquet one of the free ones, or an upgrade? It's beautiful! Love the sunglasses too!

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    Hi there,

    Sorry, I don't get on here as much as I used to so that's why it took me so long to get back to you. The flowers were an upgrade but they were only $40.00, which I thought they were worth every penny after seeing them in the photos.

    I hope this helped


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