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    Default for all those who are having a hard time choosing which Couples to stay at!

    YOUTUBE!!! WOW! I can't believe it took so long for me to think of going there! The videos of rooms, beaches, sites, excursions, etc are amazing! Just type in the hotel (don't abbreviate) and you will get a ton of great clips! Really helped me get a 'feel' for each hotel! Also on the Couples website, there is a brochure you can view that gives a side by side comparison of all 4 choices! CSA here we come!

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    You picked the right one baby! Good advice on the youtube thing. CSA ROCKS!

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    that is exactly what we did too!!! Just remember though, most of the videos posted for Couples Tower Isle are before the renovation. Make sure to look at the recent video dates to get an accurate peak at CTI.

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