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    Default CSS questions - 11 days and counting.

    Hi everyone. For those who have been to CSS, we have a few more questions before we go. (I know these are trivial questions but I like learning about our upcoming trip and these are things I wondered about.)

    - We noticed "live portrait sessions" (what is this like?) and heard there is a roaming photographer through the resort. How much do they charge for the pictures? We always like to get a few as they are guaranteed good pics.

    - Do any of the restaurants or room service offer a blush/rose wine? Can you get Sangster's Rum Cream at the resort (its the best in our opinion)?

    - Is there a bar at the mineral pool?

    - What is the "jewelry box raffle" at the Starlight Gala?


    P.S. This message board is great. I look everyday for more information on CSS (I guess I have turned into an MB junkie). We have picked up so many tips and it certainly has helped build the excitement as this is our first time to couples (13th time to Jamaica). Thank you to all who post.

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    I cannot answer the photo Question because we never used them

    I believe you can get the wine you are asking about from room service and the restaurants. Not 100% about the rum you are asking about, but it is a Jamaican rum so most likely they will have it

    There is a bar at the mineral pool. Not only to they serve all the beer and spirits you are looking for, it is also a veggie/smoothie bar

    They do a raffle for a gift certificate to the on property jewelry store. One hint if you win it don't tell them you won it until they give you a price on what you want to purchase

    You will love CSS, We have been to Jamaica 18 times. We are going to CSS in Dec. It is our 6th time to CSS and overall 8th to Couples resorts. You will love CSS. To us there is no other resort in the work like CSS!

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