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    Default Welcome Home Baby!

    A few years ago, a friend told me of her stay a Couples Resort. I had never experienced an all inclusive stay any where so I found the details she gave me hard to believe. Here, three to four years later, while my husband is deployed, I get to thinking what I could plan as a surprise get away to celebrate his homecoming. Around Nov/Dec 2008 I got in touch with my long distance friend to get the Couples website so i could check things out.

    I checked each Couples location, going back and forth, looking over the virtual tours of the rooms, the restaurants/menus, the daily activities, the panoramic views of the resorts, netc. I wanted a room by the beach, along with a jacuzzi. This was a hard choice. Initially I had thoughts to book 3-4 days. With so many activities listed, it was difficult to choose which days I would book for. Upon calling and speaking to a Couples Representative, to book my 3-4 day reservation, I was presented with a deal of booking by a certain date and receiving 50% off the price of the room. I was super I could book 7 days and spend the same amount I planned to spend for only 3-4 days!! We would also have a chance at all the activities. It was still hard choosing which location. After telling the Rep the reason for our trip, I was able to decide on Couples Sans Souci.

    My husband returned home in late September 2009. He knew we were heading to Jamaica (neither of us had ever been) I was excited and tried to coax him to check out the Couples site, he wouldn't and stated he wanted to be totally surprised. He too had a hard time believing the all inclusive deal, but he was excited to find out for himself.

    After many months and days of anticipation, out time to depart finally arrived. We had an early start and spent the day traveling, first flight around 8 a.m. and arriving Montego Bay around 9:30 a.m. After retrieving our luggage, (minus the piece containing our hygiene items and my makeup, he so excitedly almost forgot) and smoothly going thru Customs and making a currency exchange (which we found we really didn't need), we moved on to the Couples Lounge. We were greeted by a great staff who took care of our luggage, our transportation to Sans Souci and also provided us beverages from the bar. Following a brief wait, we boarded a van and were on our way to Couples Sans Souci!! Our driver was very friendly and told us of the "parishes" we drove thru and told us of some Jamaica history.

    We arrived Couples Sans Souci in about an hour and were warmly welcomed by the reception staff. We received cool, moist face towels and glasses of champagne while checking in. After check in, we were escorted to our room in Block B. We checked out our room and were off to the grill and the bar. We grabbed a bite to eat and some drinks. We were pretty tired after a day of travel and decided for some shut eye.

    We were up by noon the next day. I was elated to draw back the curtains to a breathtaking view of the beach. We got dressed and went to the Pallazina for a tasty lunch, followed by a stroll of the grounds and back to the Lobby for reservations to Dinners, Shopping trip, Dunn's River Falls, and Margaritaville.

    I could go on moment by moment of our time at Couples Sans Souci, but that would take a long time. Needless to say, each day was filled with us strolling hand in hand, in love, romance and fun from start to finish. We tried to do just about everything, to include the Formal Dinners, Cocktail Party, Starlit Gala, Beach Party, After Parties, Sing A Longs, Nightly Entertainment, etc.
    The his and her massage was totally rejuvenating, the sounds of the waves and the breeze...almost paradise!!

    This was a time we will never forget. I think about it over and over every day. I am still sharing with friends, family and co workers of the time we had. With God's help, we look forward to our return to a Couples Resort.

    Special thanks to each and every Couples Staff Member. Honorable mention to the Entertainment Staff - Shellie Ann, Ophelia, Miguel, (one gentlemans name A..., I cant remember, he dances with Miguel), Piano Guy, Serenity Band, Bartenders - Saskie Ann, Dominique, Andrew, Servers - Kieshan and Albert, Housekeeping - Donnette, Watersport, Bellmen, Transportation, Watersport, Reception - Lij, and the Photo Staff.

    Couples Sans Souci is like a love song in my head that keeps playing over and over again. I truly miss opening the curtains in our room in B Block and seeing the captivating view of the beach, alive ane awaiting our company. Our room was very comfortable, the cable TV was great, my husband kept up with all the sports and such. The internet in the room was excellent, I was able to stay in touch with friends and family thru Yahoo IM and Facebook.

    We love you Couples Sans Souci, "Ya mon, no worries." Our theme song now is Bob Marley's "Don't you worry about a thing, cause every little thing is gonna be alright."

    Tracy Love Coppin
    Fort Riley, Kansas

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    Thanks Tracy for your beautiful story. And thanks even more to your husband for his service to our country. I'm so happy that you were able to welcome him back in such a wonderful way. I'm sure he deserved it!

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    Wow! Sounds like you had exactly what you both unforgettable vacation. Congratulations on taking the leap and joining our little "club." Also, thank you for the sacrifices you both make for our country.

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    This is getting even more exciting. I was checking to see if our threads had been poste; I find that we can see how many views there have been and even read responses. Outstanding!!

    We wanted to thank you for welcoming us to the "club." We certainly look forward to our next visit as return guests.

    Hey, where are you folks from?

    One Love, One Heart,
    Jason and Tracy
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    Great review! We just returned from our first trip to a Couples, also Sans Souci. It is such a magical place! We just wanted to say hello from some fellow Kansans just South of you, straight down highway 77.

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    Default Hello from Fort Riley!!

    Small small world. We gotta start planning our trip for next December, along with looking for some Christmas gear to wear on the beach and to the festivities!!

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    Hi Tracy,

    Hello from Michigan! Such a nice story & bless your husband for serving our country. I am looking forward to our first visit to Couples SA in Nov 2010 for our 20th anniversary.

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    Great story, Tracy; thanks for posting it !! So glad you enjoyed CSS (we're returning for our 5th trip there in April, so we love it too!!).

    And, more small world stuff......I was born at Irwin Army Hospital at Ft Riley !! My dad was drafted in 1969 & was stationed at Fort Riley. I don't remember any of it, though, since I was 15 months old when we moved back home. My poor mother though has VIVID memories of HUGE spiders & cockroaches out there (not something she was used to here in cool/cold Rochester, NY) !!


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    What a great story, and what a wonderful surprise for your husband!

    Thank you both for your service and sacrifices!

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    Awesome story! Congratulations. What a special homecoming for your husband.

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    jcoppin, what a wonderful story and a well desreved trip. Sue and I thank your husband for his service to our country.



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    Default can't wait

    Hey there,
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful story and review. We are going to Couples San Souci also. We go for a week in March and I can't wait, especially after reading reviews like yours. We have a different room category -- one bedroom ocean suite -- but I'm sure the view when we open the curtains will be breathtaking too. We went for a one-day pass in August when we were at CTI, and fell in love, so we booked CSS when we returned home. Your review makes me even more excited for March to come. Thanks and glad you enjoyed your admittance to the Couples family. :-)
    windsorgirl (Christine)
    CSA (07,08)
    CTI (09)
    CSS (10)

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