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    Default Couples Negril Questions!!!

    Do they serve Mojitos at CN?

    People have been raving about the sweet potato fries (my favorite!) available at lunch at CSA, do they offer the same yummy treat at CN? If not, are there any lunch "must haves" at CN?

    We love to go out dancing to nightclubs in the evening when on vacation. Is there a nightclub/disco at CN where they play dance/top40 music?

    What are the gym facilities like at CN? We really like to workout for an hour each morning and are hoping the facilities are air conditioned with newer, good quality equipment such as Lifecycle treadmills, ellipticals, stairclimbers, etc.

    Thanks so much for answering my newbie questions!

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    Yes they have Mojitos - as long as mint is available.

    CSA has sweet potato chips - not so much fries - and they are not normally available at CN.

    The Piano bar has alternating themes at night and there is a "disco" type party at least once per week.

    The exercise room is large, air conditioned and well equipped. Look at the photos under the Couples negril link to get a sense of the gym.

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