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    Default Red Stripe Light is now in Atlanta!

    The local package store has been teasing us for months that "Red Stripe Light soon come". It has arrived and it is wonderful! My wife did mention that we had never partaken in Red Stripe Light when the temperature was 15 degrees Fahrenheit outside. After the first sip and some reggae tunes, we once again daydreamed of returning home to CN. Enjoy Mon

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    That is Awesome! Send some to MN Please!! We have been asking for our local liquor store to get some and they haven't been able to yet!! Have one for us!!
    Have a Happy Day!

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    We hope Wisconsin foillows your lead.

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    Where in ATL? We are up in Acworth and haven't looked for it.
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    Default ATL ANTA Red Stripe Light

    We found it at "Total Wine" and "Pop's". It's great to have it here. Maybe the rest of the states will soon come

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    Default don't be fooled

    I was on vacation in ATLANTA not to long ago.. I saw red stripe in cans ,first time i ever saw it in a can (said inported) so give me a case to bring to my brother inlaws house....ya mon kick back ,ah just like Jamicia.....turn the can around and what do i see.....product of Canada....brew by Guinnes in Canada....well what i tell you it's just not the same.

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    Default Jamaican Red Stripe Light

    Ya Mon, bummer! Pleased to see on the Red Stripe Light bottle that it was brewed and imported from Jamaica Every sip takes me back to JA and CN!

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