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    Default Bella Vista at CSS question

    We are headed to CSS 29 January, yahoo! I see where people mention Bella Vista restaurant and dining right on the beach. Are the chairs on the beach or on a patio of some sort? I try not to have my toes in the sand at night, those pesky sand fleas like me!

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    They have some on the patio/deck and others in the sand.
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    We just got back from CSS last night. At Bella Vista, the tables and chairs are on a brick patio next to the sand, and then more tables are on a covered section on like a deck. We had no problems with sand fleas at all. Of course it did rain the majority of the 7 days we were there.

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    We were at CSS in '08 & '09. We ate at Bella Vista at least 3 times on each trip. We always picked a table out on the sand closer to the water. In '08, we went with 2 other couples and one of the other wives got eaten up on her legs pretty bad. All 6 of us had on shorts and sandals but we wern't touched. We told her that they just liked her for some reason. We did feel bad for her though because she was still scratching 2 days later.

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    For dinner, some of the tables are set up in the sand on the beach, while they have others on the deck. No problems.

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