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    Default Our CSA wedding!

    We were married on 2/27/09 @4pm @CSA. It was the most romantic time of our lives. Please visit to view our pics. Joy

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    Hi beautiful photo... But I'm only seeing one though... really wish there was more

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    Hi tnjshy,
    I had trouble posting my pics here. If you would like to see more you can email me and I can email you some. Joy

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    Hey Joy, talked to you yesterday about your photos. Who took them? I am torn between getting an outside photog or using the resort photog! Help!

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    Default Joy and Jonas wedding pics

    My previous post on had 1 pic on it. Here is another
    link with more pics.

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    Default Hi Danya

    Oh, I'm sorry I can't remember his name. We loved him though
    he worked with us for 2 hours from start to finish and I
    was surprised that he spent so much time being he was the
    resort photographer. We were very pleased.
    I finally figured out how to attache more than 1 pic at
    a time, here is a link.

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    Hi Joy-

    Do you think the photographer will let us use some of our own ideas for poses and settings? Or are they pretty standard with where the take their photos?

    Your pics are beautiful by the way!

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    Hi Danya
    Sorry it took so long to get back with you. Yes they would love for you to have your own ideas, don't be shy about asking for poses and settings. They want to make you happy so you will buy lots of pics.

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