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    Default Splitting two weeks between Negril and Ochos Rios? Your thoughts?

    Gotta say, the more time I spend looking at these resorts the more I want to visit them all! I recently posted a thread and was overwhelmed with the number of responses I received in helping me decide between CSA and CN...with the majority of you thinking a week at each would be ideal! This of course gets one I really split this up and spend a week in Negril and a week in Ochos Rios??? Your thoughts? I would do Ochos' Rios first and Negril second...which properties? Still working on that one....


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    CSS first - unless you are into AN if so I would do CSS second. CN for sure on the Negril side. Why you ask? CSS - SSB is the best! Ans would be hard to follow up in Negril so if you do it second you would be much happier. CSA does not offer AN sunbathing.
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    Yes- we do this every trip and it works well for us. There is a lot more to see and do in Ochi so go there first, and then you can relax and enjoy the beach and vibe of Negril.
    Each year, we alternate between CSS and CTI for the start of the trip and then spend the 2nd week at CSA. But any way you choose to do it, that's going to give you the best of both worlds.

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    I am having a hard time responding because I am jealous. 2 weeks sounds like heaven! It won't matter which resorts you choose. They are all great but yes, do Ochos Rios first because there's a lot more outside stuff to do and then hit the fabulous beaches of Negril.

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    CTI and CN i which ever order you choose.

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    We've also decided to split our first time visit to Jamaica between OR and Negril, with the primary difference being we only have 11 nites total, so we're going with 7 at CTI and 4 at CN. Ideally, two weeks would have been our preferred length in order to give each locale 7 nites, but it was a comination of time and budget constraints that kept us from doing this. So you have my complete envy.

    I gotta agree with Pam, even tho my opinion is based on research only, whereas Pam is speaking from experience. But from what I gathered, there is definitely more to do in and around OR than Negril, so her advice to spend your first week there seems solid. Of course I have to agree, as this is why we went with OR for the first leg and for the 7 nites. There's simply more to do there, and being we chose CTI, it's kind of an activity bonus, as it's the resort with the most inclusive activities. But if you prefer CSS, hey go for it, plenty of reasons to choose this one as well. Doesn't matter, whichever ones you end up choosing, you're going to be in heaven regardless. Hope you have a blast.

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    If you are going to the Ocho side, then go to CTI!! They have the most excursions, they have just completely remodeled the resort, the staff is amazing and the food is to die for!! Plus, if you are into AN, they have the island, which is completely separate from the resort. Good luck with your decision and welcome to the family.

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    Thats what we did in 2000 and we are doing it again in March. 8 days at Ocho and then 9 days in Negril. We got married at TI and thought it was more romantic than Negril. Honeymoon in Negril. Very relaxing.

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    Default It doesn't matter...

    which resort you choose Sun Kissed, because wherever you go, that is the resort that will have the most fun most beautiful woman in the whole Carribean!

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    Sun Kisser you are such a charmer! Some lucky girl must have snagged you!

    I really like the idea of going to Ochos Rios and Negril..who wouldn't! If we end up doing this we will definately go to CTI -I really like the look of this resort, the decor, the island is intriquing, and of course the excursions are amazing! For those of you who have been to both CTI and either of the Couples in Negril I'd love to hear your comparisons between these resorts...specificially atmosphere around the resort. I've done enough research to know about the food, the beaches, the pools, but everyone is always commenting on the unique experiences and "feel" that each of these couples resorts. I'd love to hear more about what that means.....I know, I know, we'll know when we go...but that doesn't help me now! Ha Ha


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    I agree with Lovjamaica. We are doing CN first then CSS in July.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron & Rosa 25 View Post
    I gotta agree with Pam, even tho my opinion is based on research only, whereas Pam is speaking from experience.
    Ok, living proof that even guys can have blonde moments. I read up on this thread for the latest posts and just noticed that I quoted Pam, when it should have been WandA, as it was she who mentioned the greater number of activities around OR. Have no idea why, maybe I had just finished reading a different post from Pam on another subject and had her on the brain. LOL

    Anyway, just wanted to get that straight and give WandA her fair due.

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    We recommend CSS and CN..We are doing a split in April..CN first then CSS.


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    We're doing a split in 2011 - CSA then CTI.
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    Did it. Loved it. Doing it again right now.

    Last March we spent 8 days at CSS and then 8 days at CN. We are now at CN, spending 9 days and then off to CTI for another 8 days. You really need to book 8 days to get in all the days because your first and last days are travel days and are not complete. If you arrive on Thursday and leave on Thursday, you will miss most of the Thursday activities.
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