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    I was just wondering how the diving is down there and if there are any drift dives. My boyfriend has a bad ankle and I'm thinking a drift dive would be ok for him.

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    No drift diving but the pace is slow and easy. I've seen some good sights off Jamaica. (dived w/couples 3 diff vacations)The most critters and coral were off Ocho Rios but Negril has some nice sites to see too. Dolphins have been spotted several times off Negril at a spot called Shallow Plane. The divemaster "Anthony" is good at finding them. Good luck, have fun.

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    I dove out of CN in Feb, 2009 and there was a good current, so all of the dives were drift dives. There were a vast array of divers on the boat, from experienced to novice, and the dives are done at a very leisurely pace (with the current of course!). Your boyfriend should not have any problem, and I'm sure will enjoy the DM's (Sugar and Richard are fantastic!).

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