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    Default May 25 to June 5th Who Else?

    Hi, Chris and Keith here Las Vegas. Going May 25 to June 5, can't wait will be our first visit to Couples, can't wait to experience what everyone raves about on this board. Hoping to make new friends at the resort. Been to "S" before but ready to switch. Can't wait for that true Jamaican vibe.

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    My fiance and I just booked for May 24-May 31! We'll be on our Honeymoon! First visit to Couples resorts. Hope to have a fabulous time! Maybe we'll see you there

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    We are looking to book May 29th to June 2nd.
    It would be our first time to Couples!!!

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    My wife and I will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary. We'll be there the 25th - the 30th. Our first time to CN but we were married at CTI. Does anyone want to golf?

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    We check in on the 28th for four nights.

    Can't wait to get in the water and float til it's time for sunset!

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    It will also our first time in Jamaica/CN can't wait 23-29th.

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    We'll be there May 30th thru June 5th. It'll be our first time and we can't wait! Hope to see you there!


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    My husband and I are checking in on the 24th and staying until the 29th. This will be our 3rd visit to CN. We honeymooned here back in 2005.
    It's truly heaven on earth. Little nervous this time though. I'm leaving our 10 month old home for the first time and I'm starting to get butterflies.
    Jay & Jess from NJ

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    Hey everyone! My g/f and I will be there in 5 days (may 23rd to the 30th) - we are also very excited and having a hard time concentrating at work! This is also our first time. Don't be shy!

    Let's have a great time!

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    Default First timer

    The south will be on hand from May 26th till the 30th so let the party begin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by farmer View Post
    The south will be on hand from May 26th till the 39th so let the party begin.
    Wow, the 39th - I want to stay til then, too!

    We arrive on Friday for 4 nights, can't wait!

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    Hey to all,
    My wife and I are coming for the 1st time to couples negril and my first time to Jamaica! We will be there from May 27-31st and are coming from Raleigh,NC. We are leaving our 5 year old son and our tanning salon for the first time! and as you can imagine are pumped up about 4 day to ourselves on the island. Post where your coming from and when? looking forward to meeting everyone (:
    Best Wishes, Steve & Karla

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    Get the rum ready will see ya'll in a few hours.

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    We are Kim and David from Melbourne, Florida.

    Bags are packed and with any luck we will be on the beach by 2pm tomorrow!

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