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    How long has the Helliconia Restaurant been at CN? We spent the last 2 years at CSS and we are returning to CN for the first time since March 2007. We were also at CN in '05 and I don't remember it being ther. Unless I had too many Rum Punches (quite possible), it must have been added in the last 2 years? Any help with this is appreciated. Also, what type of food do the serve? Thanks.

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    It was there in '05, but you may have known it as the Beach Grill restaurant. The Beach Grill bar turns into Heliconia at night. Lychee restaurant was added in the past 2 years.

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    LOL , must have been the punch !The Heliconia was there my first trip in 05. Its open only in the evening. during the day its the beach bar and grill. They serve pasta dishes,and I think mediteranean style cuisine.Delicious every time Ive eaten there

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    We've been staying at CN since 1999, and Heliconia was there then, although it was set up on the patio that is now covered by a white canopy. At that time, the Beach Grill remained open for dinner serving burgers, jerk chicken, etc. When the resort decided to close the Beach Grill for dinner, Heliconia was moved into that space, and the Beach Grill now transforms into Heliconia for dinner.
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    Ok, it must have been the rum punch. We ate at Heliconia at least 3-4 times on past trips. I feel like an idiot. I didn't realize they called it that when it was set up for dinner on certain nights. I knew there is a new restaurant since we were there last so it must be Lychee based on rudi's response. I had them mixed up. I guess I better stick with straight Ting on our trip this April. Yeah right!!!

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