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    Default Two one-way tickets vs. roundtrip

    I'm looking at airline tickets for November, and right now two one way are about 150 cheaper than a round trip. Has anyone ever bought tickets this way to Jamaica? Are there any problems? I read somewhere that international travelers buying one ways will be more scrutinized at security. Just curious as if any of you travel this way.

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    My husband and I purchase one way tickets all the time. Of course the money is part of it but I look for the best times. In September we're flying out of Boston on American getting to Jamaica at 11:30am and coming home on Jet Blue a direct flight that leaves Jamaica at 4:00pm. We love the times. It would have been great to just fly round trip on Jet Blue considering the direct flights BUT we would have arrived in Jamaica at 3:00pm so yes its all about the time on the island and the price each way saved money also. Good luck!!

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    I would love to know the answer to this as well. I noticed a similar discount when I was looking into buying our tickets, but wasn't sure if it would be too much of a hassle to make it worthwhile.

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    Yes they are going to be curious why you have a one-way ticket- in Jamaican Immigration- be sure to have both tickets with you showing that you are not staying in their country longer than you are allowed to.

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    as long as you've got seats on both ways you should be all set.

    you WILL get extra screening however...if you don't, I would be really surprised. I did one ways a long time ago (after 9/11 though) and I had my checked bag searched and pretty much got a pat down everywhere I went. Give yourself extra time at the airport too.

    When you're leaving couples, make them aware that you want to be on a shuttle 1hr before what they would normally put you on. Better safe than sorry. They screwed ours up and ended up having to pay for a taxi to take us to the airport.

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    which airline????

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    As a Green Card Holder, I am usually subject to "extra" Immigration security and although they ask more questions that take some time, it is all fine. I would ensure that there are no Jamaican prohibitions that would let you in. Given that you can prove that you have a return ticket, even though another one way, my assumption is that you will be fine. I would check to ensure that Jamaica won't have any problems.

    All that said, we too are going in November and air fare is outrageous. Do you mind sharing which airline and airport you travel from? Enjoy paradise - however you get there
    Ya Mon

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    We did it a couple of years ago as we had to go to FL for something first. We did get extra screening at Fort Lauderdale. It was meant to be random but I think it was because we didn't have return tickets. We just had to go through the cabinet that puffs air at you, no big deal. The only down side to doing this as my friend found out, when she had to reschedule her dates for family reasons, is she now has to pay extra on both airlines as they were non transferable tickets. I say go for it if you are certain you won't be changing dates.

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    We are planning to leave out of Memphis. Right now I can find the best deal on Delta on the way down and US Airways on the way back. We usually fly out of DFW, but there is not much of a difference driving either way from where we live. If we leave out of DFW we are looking at taking American down there & Delta back. Thanks for the info. Not sure if husband will be patient with the extra security; that's pretty much the only reason I'm not sure about this yet. Paying less money might not be worth starting off a Jamaican vacation with an agitated husband! LOL

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    "Not sure if husband will be patient with the extra security; that's pretty much the only reason I'm not sure about this yet. Paying less money might not be worth starting off a Jamaican vacation with an agitated husband"

    He's going to Jamaica....defnitely not the place to be impatient about anything....the reason for the extra caution is for all of our own safety.

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    I know the reason for the extra security & it doesn't bother me one bit. That's just the type A personality of my husband. Once he lands in Jamaica he's totally relaxed.

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