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    Default Deluxe Ocean Veranda at CSS

    Can anyone tell me about this room type? What do they really look like, location, view, is the veranda large with the loungers?

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    I can only tell you about the Delux Ocean Verandah Suites in D block. We were in a one bedroom ocean suite with balcony, D6, last February. Next door to us, D5 was an ocean verandah suite. We had a peek when it was being cleaned between guests. I also asked the front desk the difference between our category of room and the Verandah Suites.

    Basically, the Verandah suites do not have a separate living room. They have a bedroom, bathroom and then a verandah. The Verandah in D5 is very big (our verandah was quite small compared to those in F and G blocks, it was about the same size as those of the Beachfront Suites).

    D5 is on the corner of D block, so has good views of both the ocean (through trees) and the resort and beach. D5 did not have loungers as far as I can remember, it had a table, two chairs and a sideboard containing the mini bar. Like our room, it had an enormous zero edge walk in shower in the bathroom. We are CSA fans, but we would be very happy to have a room like this when we next return to CSS. Hope this helps.

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