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    Hey, I surprised my wife with a trip to TI in May for our 10 yr anniv. This will be our first time out of the states so any advice from anyone would be greatly appreciated!! She also wants to do the dolphin cove thing, is that good?
    Thanks again and we hope to make this a yearly trip now!!!!

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    You guys will have a great time. My wife and I went to CSS last May for our 10 year and will be returning this year to CTI in May also. The 14-21 specifically. When will you guys be there?
    As far as advice goes... don't plan out each day. There are so many things to do and they often repeat sometimes daily other times throughout the week. You don't have to have a structured schedule. Remember you're on vacation.
    We didn't do the dolphin cove. We did go to Dunn's River Falls. It is a tourist trap but an awesome experience. Buy a disposable underwater camera. The guides do expect tips but they also take your picture several times with your camera. Skip the DVD they push. Unless you want to see a bunch of people you don't know stopping along the way to pose for the guides. The vendor path back to the vans will be the place you will undoubtedly say "no thank you" more than any other time in your life. Don't give them your names either. Nothing is free!
    Relax, enjoy the scenery, enjoy the food & drinks, and try the island. You may surprise yourselves!

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    Take a couple of pens to complete forms on the plane. Have you travel documents handy as you will need information from this. We haven't done Dolphin Cove either, so can't tell you anything other than it's about 15 minutes from the resort as it is near the falls. We have climbed the falls a few times. It is fun. If you see something in the shops at the falls, chances are you will see it elsewhere either on the resort or in town for less. If you do the shopping trip, they stop at the flea market for shopping as well as down town. There are a few different trips for shopping. There are also two different horseback rides. One is through a plantation which is close to the resort and a nice trail ride with lots of info about what the vegetation. The other is up in the mountains. At the end you can purchase a CD with photos of you and your s/o throughout the ride as well as some random photos of the plantation. It was about $15 and we really enjoy having it.The ride up to the starting place was "exciting" to say the least. We weren't that impressed with this ride. The actual horseback ride itself wasn't that long, they didn't take but one photo and we went up one way and came back the same way. There was no CD at the end with photos although I thought I saw a photographer out taking photos through the ride. Oh well. Saved some $$.

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    Good advice for Dunn's River falls. It is fun to climb but the craft shop is obnoxious! b-line for the parking lot!

    We haven't done dolphin's cover, it's crazy expensive from what I saw.

    As for planning out your trip... there are few things you need to plan. Plan which restaurants you want to go to and for what day (in regards to the ones that need reservations). Book those early. Book the catamaran cruise early too in case bad weather postpones it. Otherwise, just go relax and have fun.

    Without planning much out, we managed to get in just about everything we wanted. If you want to experience the true relaxing powers of Tower Isle, you have to go out to the island! My girl was hesitant, but we did our first afternoon and we ended up out there every single afternoon! It's so peaceful! Way better than the beach, there is always a nice breeze out there and no sand to get place you don't want it.

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    We will be there the week of the 24th. But from what I hear everyone is so friendly and it is a great time!!! We are very excited!!!

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    Get to know the staff at CTI..CTI's staff is the best of the best.

    CTI..Couples Tower Isle...Oh,how I love typing these words.

    GO.RELAX.ENJOY CTI and have a Salty Dog for me..Ruff Ruff
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    Default Zip line is super fun!

    Definitely do the 'Falls', but if you're not horrified of heights, the zip line is so much fun!

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