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    My husband and I would like to visit Jamaica in July neither of us has been to a resort and we are very excited to try a Couples resort based on the reviews read here and on other travel sites. He is not quite ready to book the trip even though I want to go ahead, so my question is: How late is too late to book a trip for July of this year?

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    I'd say that January 16 is too late because that's when prices will go up. BOOK NOW!! Buy the insurance for $158 so if you have to cancel you'll get all of your money back or you can change dates. And if prices were to drop again, Couples has a Best Rate guarantee so you'll get it automatically. You can wait to buy flights at a later date, but get your hotel now!

    We always go in April, so for our 2010 trip, we booked in June 2009. In fact, we've already booked our 2011 hotel.
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    I don't know that there is any way to predict it. Really, if there is a room available and seats on a plane, you can book as late as you want. But there is no way to predict at what point those two things won't be available. July isn't the "busy" season though, so you do have that working to your advantage.

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    We booked our trip for June 3 months ago with the love away plan ( only $100 a month). Couples offers the Best Rate guarantee,so you can't go wrong. We called back in a few weeks to use a Wed. speical, saved us enough for one free night.

    I'd say book now and start the count down.

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