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    Default Tower Isle Honeymoon Summary

    My husband and I spent a week at Couples Tower Isle for our honeymoon over our winter break. It was WONDERFUL! We met fabulous people, staff and guests alike, that made our trip unforgettable. There are several people we have friended on facebook and continue to email. It was a superb atmosphere to get to know others or stick to yourself.
    The food and drinks at the resort were great. Have no fear, they will make your drinks as strong or as weak as you wish. I am a light weight which all bartenders knew by my 2nd night. They made my drinks fairly week or offered me champaign. My husband is not a light weight. His drinks were much stronger than mine. Neither of us had any issues with our drinks. They were great. If you are not an afternoon drinker, like me, I suggest ordering a frozen limeade or a fruit smoothie from the beach juice bar.
    We dinned at all locations. The chefs and wait staff are very accommodating to special diets and substitutions. I have food allergies, but it was not a problem to find things I could eat. There are a lot of great options to eat healthy too. 8 Rivers, the formal dinning option was especially delicious. In fact, we ate there twice. Although you need to make reservations for 2 of the restaurants, that does not mean you can only eat there once. With that said, make sure you make your reservations right away when you arrive. They fill quickly.
    When making dinner reservations, be sure you get a slot from Dunn's River Falls and other tours. They are free and worth it. The horseback riding was interesting, especially for those who like history. Dunn's River Fall is a MUST. Try to go on a Sunday if at all possible. Cruise ships are not there on Sundays which gives your small group the falls all to yourselves. When we went, we received this tip from our travel agent. There was only 5 other people on the falls! Fantastic!!!
    We never lacked things to do. There were plenty of water sports activities, organized nightlife, shows, and fun games and such with the social directors (Matthew and Marion are the best!). While rooms are quiet and secluded, there is plenty of fun to be had if you want. The piano bar with Tanesha bartending is especially fun. She makes a great drink and will keep you laughing.
    As a young, fairly conservative couple, we were hesitant to go to the au natural island. However, we decided to suck it up one afternoon and check it off our "bucket list." It ended up being a lot of fun. You can choose your setting: to the left of the landing is private and personal, to the right is the pool, bar, and a sun deck where social interactions are lively and vibrant. We experienced both. While I am not sure we will seek out nude beaches on all of our vacations, it was a great experience we would recommend.
    We had the lowest level room the resort offered. It faced the grounds and was quite small, about the size of your typical American hotel room. However, this was the perfect place to save! We spent very little time in our room other than sleeping and... We did not feel the need to have a large room. If you are active and love the sun, save the money and go economy with the garden rooms. You still have a beautiful view from your balcony of lush flora.
    Finally, if you are on your honeymoon, we have a couple special tips.
    1. make sure they know it is your honeymoon. The resort provides a bottle of champaign in your room the first night and 30 minute couples massages. The massages were great!
    2. you are on your honeymoon celebrating each other, but don't forget to meet people. There are lots of other honeymooning there too. It is fun to meet them all.

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    Wonderful review!! Thank you so much for taking the time to post your experience for us to read. We LOVE CTI, and are returning in 6 days.

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    Thanks for the review, We will be getting married there on the 13th of February! Looking forward to spending our time at CTI.

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    @ armeyerisu - Thanks for the tip regarding booking outside events on Sunday so the tour boats will not flood places. We have been to all the Couples Resorts in excess of 5 visits. We will be at CTI this week with friends and want to try more excursions outside of the resorts in Ocho Rios on this visit. We hope to visit: Dunn's River Falls & do some zip lining. Do any of you have suggestions on what kind of shoes we should bring for extra activities? Tennis shoes / water shoes?

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    Great, informative review. I was already aware that Sunday was cruise ship-free during the time we'll be staying at CTI, which makes for a perfect opportunity to visit DRF, because as you said, without the ship crowds, the lines are much smaller. Actually, we were going to wait until that Tuesday, as this day will also be free of the cruise ships. Being that we won't arrive at CTI until Saturday afternoon, we originally wanted to give ourselves that full Sunday to just relax and enjoy the resort.

    However, we also plan on doing the ziplining excursion as well, and we want to take the same approach - go when there are no ships in port. So it looks like Sunday will be DRF day and Tuesday will be Zipline day. No rest for the weary!!

    You liked your horsebacking riding excursion as well, eh? Good, we plan on doing likewise. And thanks for the detailed info on the food and drink. This was a great review to read. Much appreciated.

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