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    We are staying at CSS for our Honeymoon July 12-20 - and can't wait since its been a long cold winter here in CT!

    I was reviewing the menus at CSS and was curious about the reservation policy. How difficult is it to get reservations at Ristorante Casanova or Palazzina Restaurant? How far in advance did you have to book? Can you book before you go or do you have to book once you are there?

    Also, what are the Beach Party and Starlight Gala like?

    Also, while I am at it we are staying in an One Bedroom Ocean Suite - should we stay put or would anyone recommed upgrading? Are we allowed to upgrade at Check-in (pending availability?) If you have done this, what were the rates?

    Thanks so much!


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    You will have to wait to bok restaurant reservations until you arrive @ CSS. Usually all you need is 24 to 48 hours in advance for either Casanova or Palazzina Rest.

    The Beach party is a buffet on the beach with a fashion show and folkoric/Island show. Dress is very casual
    The Starlite Gala is an elaborate affair much like a wedding with a very elaborate buffet. It is set up on the lawn. It has a really great show much like a nightclub show with entertainment and dancing. Most people tend to really dress up

    If you want to upgrade your room category I suggest you do it in advance. We love the Penthouse Suites in D block. It will cost you more, but it is well worth it for the view and size of the suite. Check with who you booked it with. By the time you arrive it might not be available for an upgrade. The rate depends on what rate plan is available at the time you book/upgreade

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    Congratulations. You're going to love CSS and will love the romantic surroundings you'll find there. We were married there in 2008 and can't wait to go back for our anniversary. You'll find yourselves in a tropical paradise where you're the lovely people of Jamiaca cater to your every need.

    As for making dinner aren't able to do that before you go unless you're planning to have a romantic dinner for two on the beach. You can make reservations upon arrival for both the Palazzina and Casanova restaurants but should make them at least the morning that you plan do have dinner there. Don't forget that you can have dinner in your room, which can be romantic on your own balcony, and there's also the Bella Vista where you can dine right on the beach and don't need to make reservations.

    The beach party is a dinner party done right on the beach and served buffet style with all the exotic foods you'd expect in a paradise like Jamaica. Following dinner there's a "fashion show" where they feature some of the Couples clothes that can be purchased at the gift shop. They also have local talents come in to perform. It is very good...not to be missed!!

    The Starlight Gala is fabulous!!! It is a dinner done outdoors on the green between A & B block and the beach. Again it is served buffet style, with more wonderful food. With and following dinner there is entertainment by a local singer and band. They'll have you up and dancing...feeling the delight of the experience.

    One bedroom suites are great rooms! They are up on the "cliffs" so you get a wonderful view of the resort. We stayed in G Block and so faced west and witnessed some beautiful sunsets right from our balcony. You can upgrade upon arrival (pending availability) and will just have to pay the difference between what you payed for the class of room you're in compared to the room level you're upgrading to. We've had this offered to us before but, after checking out our room, were happy right where we were and are glad we didn't move.

    Here's some pictures we took while at CSS in 2008 and in 2009 There are pictures in here of a one bedroom ocean suit, the beach party and the starlight gala. Hope these help in answering your questions.

    You're welcome and enjoy!

    Bart & Bug

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    We are headed to CSS 29 January, yahoo! I see where people mention Bella Vista restaurant and dining right on the beach. Are the chairs on the beach or on a patio of some sort? I try not to have my toes in the sand at night, those pesky sand fleas like me!

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    We were just there for the holiday week arriving on Christmas Day. Too late to book anything for that evening of course. New Years Eve was also out of the question as the restaurants were closed and as previous Couples repeters we had the special dinner for those guests one night. Then there was the beach buffet night so the remaining nights were all booked solid and we never got to enjoy any of the other restaurants being our first time there. So... book as soon as you arrive as not to miss out as we did. DO call for room service before 11pm and have them deliver coffee and desert. Its wonderful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KarenON View Post
    We are headed to CSS 29 January, yahoo! I see where people mention Bella Vista restaurant and dining right on the beach. Are the chairs on the beach or on a patio of some sort? I try not to have my toes in the sand at night, those pesky sand fleas like me!
    Bella Vista has tables set up on the patio as well as some that are near the beach. Someone on another post recommended vitamin B1 14 days before departure and during the visit to ward off the pesky sand fleas. I guess it's worth a try but I'll take my "Off" just in case. Haven't really had any problem with them but just not wanting to take the chance. April won't come soon enough!

    Bart & Bug

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