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    Hi Folks,

    We have been allocated a Delux Ocean at CSS but want to upgrade to a veranda, doe anyone know the approx cost?


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    When are you going?

    You can look at the pricing on the Couples page and get an estimate, but with different specials going on it would be difficult to tell. My best suggestion is to call Couples or you TA.
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    We just booked CSS for Febuary '10 through our TA and to upgrade to a verandah was only an extra $21 apiece for seven nights. I'm not sure what it would cost booking directly with Couples. You could e-mail them to be sure.

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    I would think that you would need to email the resort. Someone else may have an idea, but it's best to ask them.

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    If you are a Romance Rewards participant, and everyone should be, I do believe a free upgrade is in the deal as long as there is a room available.

    Seems like every year we go we get an upgrade, or a better location or something like that. But you have to ask. Don't be shy, just be nice.

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