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    We are going to CN in a few weeks and were wondering what kind of beer they have avilable there in the room or at the bars?
    Is it just Red Stripe?

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    Default Types of beers

    Hi K & J,

    All of the bars have Red Stripe on tap, some have Red Stripe Light (very good), and I think the Piano Bar has (or used to have) Guinness.

    In your mini bar, you will get 2 10 oz. cans of Caribe lager. You can only get two cans per day, which is not enough for us.

    In the past, the Beach Grill bar had Real Rock, which hubbie liked, but they've discontinued that now.

    The Red Stripe and Red Stripe Light are very good - you won't be sorry!

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    Thank you for the info. my husband has become somewhat of a Beer snob and was wondering what he might be drinking when we are there in 21 days, but who is counting.

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    I paid extra money for a suite at CTI in April because it has a mini-bar. Is it true that they will only give 2 cans of beer per day? The wife and I like our beer and when we are on vacation at a tropical place with a balcony we can manage to suck down six beers a piece as we wind down for the night on the balcony (we work nights and are night owls). I would be very disappointed if I had to leave the room every time I wanted another beer at 1am. They had better give me a six pack to go if the two per day in the mini bar is the rule.

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    We went to CN last march and they also had MIller LIte. We didn't ever see the Caribe Lager and I don't remember any restrictions on how many in the room.

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    We also got Red Stripe in our room. I was told and it did work that if you wanted a few more than two you could ask and get them, which we did. We were able to get four beers and each day it was the red stripe they brought. Had to ask for a bottle opener for those as they are not twist off caps. I didn't care for either the red stripe or Caribe though I like the red stripe light on tap in the bars and restaurants.

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    OK. Now this is getting really interesting. The in room bar stocker FINALLY stopped by. I asked why my request of Strip over Carib had not been honored. He told me that they can't stock Stripe anymore. WHAT???? I am supposed to talk to the manager about it. REALLY?? Couples needs to stock a Caribean beer over a JAMAICAN BEER? Why do I keep coming back here? Sorry about yet another rant.

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    Hi Robert25,
    I thought that all the rooms at CTI now had mini-bars?

    We always stay at CSS and hubby loves his beer too! He always crosses out the 2 and writes 6 on the mini-bar order form. He has always received his six beers....Also you can request beer from room service before they close and put the extras in the mini-bar too.....just a thought!

    Have a great trip!

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