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    Default Review - CN 12/24 - 28

    We are first timers at CN. We were originally to have gone 12/20-24 but got snowed out. Thankfully, we were able to rebook 12/24-28, although it was a huge PITA. Since we heard the weather during our scheduled time was terrible, the unrelenting sunshine during our trip was worth it!

    we did a couples swedish massage in the treehouse. it was the best massage we have ever had, and we've had hundreds. Big kudos to our masseurs.

    Lychee - best food at the resort.

    Red flag service - never waited more than 10 minutes for our drinks to arrive after putting up the flags.

    The water was perfect, and the floatees a great touch.

    Blue Mountain coffee on the room service tray - they gave us two pots and we drank mostly all of it. Yummy!

    Trip to Rick's Cafe is definitely worth it. Make sure you bring a towel and be prepared to dive in.

    Our trip from the airport was very long due to christmas eve traffic and people walking in the roadway. it took 2.5 hours to get to the resort without a bathroom break. frustrating.

    BEES - be prepared to eat your breakfast and lunch with bees flying all around you and the buffet. they didn't seem to bother anyone, but I really don't like bees, so it was not relaxing to eat breakfast or dinner. surprised i didn't read about it on the message board before.

    No cream for coffee, only milk or non-dairy creamer.

    Otaheite restaurant was average. not really worth it. portions were small, so order all courses.

    Hard to find a GOOD chocolate dessert anywhere. there were several options, but all of them were just average.

    Our water was turned off in the middle of the day one day.

    Only draft beer at couples lounge at airport. couldn't take bottles for the ride.

    Are you supposed to tip the guys who "watch" your bags while you are in the couples lounge at the airport before the porter comes to take them to the bus?

    Bottom line:
    Our experience was good, but not as outstanding as we expected. CN had a bit of a "Love Boat" feel to it. Kind of kitchy and sometimes contrived. We definitely had a good time, it just wasn't as great as i expected. And not sure if we will book again.

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    One of the reasons I try to read as many reviews as possible is you can always learn somthing new, as was the case here. As you stated, I too have never once read anything regarding the bees. Interesting that this has never been bought up previously, as I doubt this is just a recent issue.

    I also continue to find it perplexing that the Couples resorts continue to experience the occasional water problems. Granted, this may be a Jamaican infrastructure problem in the big picture, but one would still expect standard service when it comes to such basics as water and plumbing, especially at the nicer resorts.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    sorry, i forgot a couple of things -

    i was not bothered by sand fleas or mosquitos, and i normally am attacked by anything that bites.

    the red flags used in the red flag service are the SAME flags used to direct traffic. thought that was pretty funny.

    re: bees post - i meant to say breakfast and lunch, not dinner. they seemed to leave the area before dinner.

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    Oh well, can't please everyone I suppose. There has been no bottled beer at the lounge since they revamped it a couple of years ago. You can always take a cup on with you if want to. I was not aware that Jamaica was supposed to be the place for chocolate desserts, oh well live and learn.

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    My wife and I are currently here...I'm sitting on the deck after a fantastic day. A few comments for the review from a "3-peet" guest:

    Water - no issues since we've been here, none in our other 2 visits.

    Bee's - Only noticed them at breakfast and only near the - sweet roles. No issues once we went to the table.

    Shuttle to - Our longest to date (2 hrs). Recommendation: Ask the driver if the traffic is bad, tell him early you want a bathroom/beer stop @ a "Beer Joint" past 1/2way. Due to road construction, we decided to Air Taxi back (TIMAIR - $105/person and takes 20min)

    Otaheite - Dinner last night was amazing (Beef Tenderloin), repeaters tonight will be great I'm assuming... Portions are smaller (similiar to a 4-star+ resturant) but you won't leave hungry if order each course.

    Overall - Our stay has been great and consistent with our expectations. We're strongly considering a 50/50 Swept Away - Negril trip next year just to mix it up.

    Bottom line for you repeaters: walk down the beach, look at the other resorts, the people, the grounds. Once you do, you'll realize why you keep coming back "home"!!! Cheers from Negril.

    Staff - Agree, not as much "energy" as the past but Andrew was back for the holidays which helped. We miss Shantel.

    Airport - For Couples, maybe add a favorite Rum drink in the lounge???

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    When we were at CN in August I had one of the best chocolate desserts I have ever had. At Lychee I had chocolate wontons. They were great with good quality melted chocolate in the middle. They were very hot so be careful!!

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    You should try CSA. It ROCKS! Really classic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meldeets View Post
    sorry, i forgot a couple of things -

    re: bees post - i meant to say breakfast and lunch, not dinner. they seemed to leave the area before dinner.
    ...Interesting about the bees. We were there for Thanksgiving and saw none.

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    Rum flavoured drinks in the Airport lounge would be great.

    Love this idea!!!!

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    I think Randy said before that Jamaican liquor laws prevent serving anything other than soda, water, and beer at the airport lounge.

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    Default Bees at restaurant

    Hi -

    I talked to Misja Ruijs, the executive chef, about the bee problem when we were there the first part of December.

    He said it's only a problem around December and early January, when the flowers are not in bloom for them to get their food from.

    I recommended they put a fan by the sweet table to discourage the little buggers. They did, and it helped, but it didn't eliminate the problem.

    But, that's probably why we don't hear about it a lot on this board, since it's a seasonal thing.


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