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    Default those arriving april 5th

    last year we arrived the monday after easter and got quite a shock. after 15 trips i was unaware that the monday after easter is an unoffical holiday. everyone in jamaica is on the road. it took 3 1/2 hrs to get to css from mo bay. the last hour was the worst as it took us a little over 45mins to get from the cruise ship dock thru ocho to css.might think about timair if traveling april 5th.

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    OMG - and our arrival date is - yep April 5th to CTI. WOW.... so just more traffic was the problem? Sigh....

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    oh god!!!! me too! and it's my first time ever coming!!!!!! boooooo

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    Not to worry Lisa. We'll have plenty of cold drinks for you at whatever time you arrive. Will the guitar be traveling with you guys this year?

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    more traffic more people standing in road. all the public beaches were full. there was a carnival set up just outside ocho and there must have been 6 to 800 people gathered there. it took longer to get to css than the flight from memphis.

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    Oh, interesting. We arrived the Tuesday after Easter last year and the traffic to Negril was pretty heavy.

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    That's right!!!It's kite day. Everyone is at the parks and beaches having big family gatherings all with kites in the air. Beautiful to see, however rather unnerving when you're on the Couples bus heading to the resort you've waited a year to be at. Last year we hit lots of traffic as we headed to CTI for the grand re-opening, it took almost three hours to get there. So long as you are prepared for a little more traffic, its kind of cool to see all the kites flying, no worries.

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    well, hate to shock you even more... Easter Monday is an official holiday in most of the Christian world except the USA...

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    thanks for the warning! I will book the week after. I appreciate you letting us all know!

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    Sharon --- yesssssssss guitar is coming along! (I might even bring my dulcimer - haven't decided yet). Anyhow - I suppose Rog and I will just look at this as yet another great new experience. I don't mind spending a little extra time getting to CTI, as long as we get there. Plus, from the sounds of things we may see stuff we never would experience while on the resort. So I'm okay with this - and still counting down the days! Cannot wait to see you guys again! Two years has been two years too long!

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