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    How late does the Sundown Beach Bar stay open? Just wondering if it's open at night. We love sitting on the beach at night and it looks like a great place to have a drink after dinner. Is that the only bar on the beach? Any info would be appreciated. This will be our first time to CSA in April. Have been loyal to CN & CSS for many years and thought we would check out CSA. Thanks!!

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    The two beach bars and the swimup bar at SweptAway close at sunset (about 6:00, 6:30 pm) and reopen, i believe, at 10:00 am.

    Sorry, you'll need to go to the Palms or to Patois Patio if you wish to grab a drink and stroll, in the absence, that is, of a room mini-bar.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Beach bars close around 5:00 or 6:00 but you can get drinks at the bars at the Palms and Patois which are both close to the beach.

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    No, it does not stay open all night. I think it may close around 6 like the pool bar...but it's not open after dinner. We just take our drinks down to the beach. Patio has a bar that stays open during dinner so you can run up there to get a drink. You could also bring your own bottle of wine or mixers down to the beach to mix yourself
    Btw- I think there are two bars on the beach, but both of them close.

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    Sunset beach, I believe, becomes a textile beach after 5. Everyone is welcome then(not that everyone isn't welcome before 5, but if you go you have to be nude)

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    There are two beach bars, but I think they may close after sunset.....I could be wrong though. Both bars are great to sit at for the great sunsets. If they aren't open when you go down to the beach, there is The Palms and Patios restaurants that both have bars. I think The Palms is a bit closer to the beach, but both are right there and it would be easy to get a drink. These restaurants are on either end of the beach. Have a great time. I think you're really gonna like CSA.

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    6 or 6:30

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    both beach bars close at or around 6 p.m. however you can get a beverage at the Palms or the Patois Patio and head back to the location of choice.


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    Default Bamboo Bar!


    The most under rated beach bar in all the caribbean is the Bambo Bar on the beach @ CSA by the "newer" section.

    This place is awesome, great thached roof that hangs down low for a "fort" type feel keeping you shaded from the hot afternoon sun...ahh the memories.

    Closes I think @ around 6:30 pm but perfect to watch a sun set from before heading to the Martini Bar over The Palms restaurant!

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    The last time I was at CSA, the beach bar closed at 6. My wife and I showed up just before 6 because we don't generally drink before then, but that's the only bar that had dark beer. However, you can pick up a drink at the other bars all evening at CSA and carry it to a beach chair. Sitting on the beach after dark watching the moon on the water is one of the great things about CSA, and frankly, so few people do this that you'll find the beach very uncrowded. Enjoy! We're going back in March after a six year absence due to college tuition and I can't wait!

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    The Sundown Beach Bar closes at, well, Sundown. It stays open until the sun sets and then shuts down, however DH and I have many times gotten a drink at the Patoi Patio and gone to sit down on the beach in the evening.

    Have fun at CSA. It's my favorite.

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    There are actually TWO beach bars at CSA, but both close at sunset. No worries, though. Just grab a drink from The Palms or Patois Patio and take it to the beach and use one of the loungers.

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    I believe the beach bars close at 6 or 6:30 but you can get drinks at the other bars and take them to the beach. I have only been to CSA so I can't compare but we simply love it and will be there for our 3rd trip in as many years this Feb.



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    Thanks to all for your answers. Can't wait, 86 days!!!!

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