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    Default The BEST gawker pictures

    OK the challenge is being put out to locate the BEST gawker pictures.

    What do you have in your collection?

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    Ha ha. Funny idea! On TI we used to moon catamaran as it left the resort, so I'm afraid to think of the photos that must exist out there of my backside. But I can't say I ever thought to take any pictures back of them. Darn!

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    On the CN catamaran we mooned the CSA catamaran.

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    and got caught!
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    lekkcl, in my pictures of the island from the catamaran, all I remember are the smiles...
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    Default Moonrise over sunset beach

    April 2008
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    CTI/April Amigos

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    Whatever happened to the crack of dawn?

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    RDYJMJM...Dawn wasn't there that year.

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    that's funny...any new ones?????

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