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    Default Timair

    Hi we will be arriving at CN on January 31st and we are using the shuttle, I would like to fly Timair for our return but my wife is nervous she may get sick on the flight, my personal feeling is if she handled landing in St Barts 4 times this flight should be a piece of cake haw long actually is the flight fron Negril to Montego Bay on timair?

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    We took the flight a week ago and it was 15 minutes.

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    Very well worth it. We use it going to the beach so we can get the faster. Normally ride the shuttle back...who wants to go home anyway??

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    That's how we did it---plane to the beach, shuttle to the airport.

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    We just made reservations with TimAir for our trip in two weeks. This will be the first time that we'll use TimAir. The website says that it is a 15 minute flight from MoBay to Negril (wheels up to wheels down).

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    How much is the flight to CSS from the airport at Montego Bay?

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    Default how did you reserve Timair?

    We will arrive on Saturday afternoon and are considering Timair versus the bus but the travel agent knows nothing about it.
    How did you connect? Are there regular scheduled flights or do you need to book in advance? How many seats are available on the planes? So many questions and we will be there 1 week from today. Perhaps it is too late to connect with Timair....
    Counting down....Cindi & Marc

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    We took TimAir for the first time in Dec. It was amazing!! Curtis is a great pilot and pointed out alot of landmarks for us. Make your reservation ahead of time. It was $105/person one way. Once you land in MoBay and get through customs go to the Couples lounge and check in. Let them know you are flying TimAir and you will be escorted to their desk (after your red stripes of course) You will then be taken to a shuttle and driven to what looks like the old terminal. There you will pay for your flight. You then walk out to the airplane. A very nice lady did a quick security check and you board the plane. I asked Curtis about the sizes of planes. We were on the 4 seater we were told they have a 10 seater but can hold only 8 due to luggage.
    I to get air sick easily but this was the smoothest flight I've ever been on, and like I said the scenery was amazing! Once we landed Curtis said he would call CN to come get us but a cab was there and he gave us a ride for free. We gave him a good tip.

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    We had Curtis as our pilot too and the flight and info is exactly as hawkgroup stated. We will use Timair again and the pictures we took turned out great.

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    Cindi & Marc,

    Go to TimAir's web site,, to request a flight. You don't mention the resort at which you're staying, but the flight to Negril is approximately 15 minutes and costs about $400 for two people round trip, while the flight to Ocho Rios is approximately 30 minutes and costs about $800 per couple round trip. There isn't a set schedule; TimAir uses its reservations to determine when it needs to schedule flights. We've had very good luck with TimAir lately and have actually been at the resort within an hour after stepping off of our plane in MoBay.

    After you land in MoBay, proceed through Jamaican Immigration and Customs and proceed to the Couples lounge. Outside of the lounge are a line of desks; one of them is for TimAir. Check in at the Couples lounge, and let the staff member know that you're flying rather than taking the shuttle. They will call TimAir (or you can walk over to the desk). You'll be invited to enjoy a Red Stripe before being retrieved by a TimAir agent, who will escort you to a shuttle that takes you to TimAir's terminal. You pay at that time and are escorted to a small plane (they have a few, but we usually get one that holds no more than six people, and it's usually just the two of us and the pilot), and you're off.
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    Default total time from arrival in Mobay to champagne at Couples Negril?

    THANK YOU for all your feedback! I have forwarded a request to the Timair site. If the bus takes anywhere from 1 1/2 hours to 2 1/2 hours from airport to Couples Negril lobby, how much time can we save by flying if you include the airport time and ground transport after touching down...where do you land? I can hardly sleep I am so excited and can you imagine just how terrific Saturday will be for Marc, arriving "home" on his birthday!!!!

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    Cindi&Marc - we will be taking Timair for the first time in 2 weeks to CSA. At most, I am counting on "saving" an hour to the reort and an hour back to the airport. It's not enough to justify the cost of the flight, but we've never done it before and are looking forward to seeing the island by air. For Negril, there is a small airstrip across the street from CN. I understand that cabs are waiting and will take us to CSA.

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    we took a timair flight back fromt he CN on our very first trip to J in may of 02. it was wonderful and fast -- if you have never been in a tiny plane like that it can be a littl fearful for a minute till you get your air stomach settled out but for the save on the long rude to get to paradise it makes all the differnce...I just booked RT for our May trip and will be suprising my husband with this... he is going to love it.
    the ride back to MoBay after the vacation ends is torture 00 take the plane

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    Default tipping for Timair?

    Hello everyone
    We have booked Timair for the 16th. Thanks for all the information.
    Can anyone confirm whether tipping is expected for the pilot?
    I would never consider tipping anyone during regular airline travel but have no idea if this is different.
    Thanks, Cindi

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    Hello Everyone.
    Quick question with regards to the timair flight reservation. How much time (approx.) will we need between the time our Commercial flight lands and the time we book our timair flight for?

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    We always tip the pilot. If we are on the flight by ourselves we give him $20. We tip the baggage handler in Negril $5, the baggage handler in MoBay $5 and the shuttle driver that takes you from the Domestic terminal to the International terminal $5.

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    We did about 1/2 hr. and they told us not to worry via e-mail that they will be waiting for us.

    Also, our tipping was right along the lines of yazmon reccomendations.

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    We got pretty lucky I think. Our plane landed and we got to the customs area just before two other planes unloaded. I think from the time we landed in Mobay to the time we were in the air on TimAir was 35 minutes. It was very fast. But there were no lines to wait in.

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    Thanks folks. We appreciate the info. We have booked our TimAir flight for a 45 minutes after our arrival and we were also told "No Problem, We'll be waiting for you". I'm liking Jamaica already.

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    Does anyone know around what the cost is for a taxi from Negril's airport to Swept away? Just looking for an estimate. Thanks

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    It's usually $10.

    One time we waited for the free shuttle from CSA and it took about 20 minutes to get there. When you land with TimAir there are always taxis waiting. We now just pay the $10 and get to CSA ASAP.

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    We paid $12 in December for a taxi to Swept Away.

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    I think we were charged like $10.

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    Why? The resort will cover it. Just have the agent at the Negril Aerodrome call CSA, they send a van, no charge.

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    if there is more than one couple does the price go down? How many can the flight hold?

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