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    Default Nikki & Derek - May 22, 2010 - CSA

    Hey everyone! My fiance, Derek, and I are getting married May 22, 2010 at CSA at 10 a.m. We chose 10 a.m. because the water seems to be brighter and more blue at this time. We have never visited Couples before and can't wait to leave! 135 more days! Yay! It will most likely be the two of us attending; however, another couple may be attending too. We are beyond excited! If anyone else is getting married on or around this date at CSA let us know!
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    Hi Nikki,

    We're getting married at 10 am for the same reasons. And also... who wants to sit around all day waiting for your wedding... i want to just do it and then party!!!
    CSA is beautiful and we're so excited to be going back. We'll be there in aug 2011 though, so we'll miss you by a few days ( )
    May is just around the corner!! You must be excited!
    Take care.

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    ps you will NOT be disappointed. CSA is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! We loved every minute of our last vacation so much, thats why we're getting married there!!!

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    Default CSA Wedding

    Congrats on your upcoming wedding. Can you believe it is almost here? We are getting married at CSA May 8, 2010. We are so excited! We have been to CSS, but have not been to CSA yet. The pictures look beautiful and I have read a lot of good things about the resort. Good luck on your wedding and I hope it is everything you dreamed!

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    Good luck to both of you are your weddings as well! I am so excited! I know these few months will fly by so fast. I hope you guys have a beautiful wedding and happy marriage!

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    We are getting married on May 18th at 10am. I choose the 10am wedding for some of the same reason you guys stated. Plus I know Jamaica gets pretty hot and who wants to be all sweaty in their pics. Another reason we went with the 10am wedding. By the way I just bought my wedding dress yesterday WOOT!

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    Congrats Nikki! We fly in on the 22nd so maybe we will see you around. You will love CSA!

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