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Thread: February 2010

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    Default February 2010

    Just booked for Feb 11-18/10. I am going to surprise hubby with our third trip to CSA. Hoping I can keep it a secret until Christmas...will make him up a package containing sunscreen, flipflops, etc. and put it under the tree. The countdown is going to kill me as we are usually excited together. Love the fact that we got such a good rate and the bonuses for the Spa and Gift shop. Thanks for extending to today Couples. Who else will be there in Feb?

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    My husband Phil & I will be there the 14th - 18th. We're starting out with a week @ CSS for our 20th anniversary and then heading to CSA. We've stayed at CN twice so we're excited to check out a couple of the other resorts. I can hardly wait - it's been 3 years since our last vacation.
    Phil & Megan
    Appleton, WI

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    My husband & I are going to csa from Feb.12-18!Can't wait to go!We have never been to Jamaica so we are very much excited!We were scheduled to go to Mexico last May but because of the swine flu we rescheduled our trip and decided to try something new!It looks absolutely fabulous!We would love to meet everyone while we are there!!!

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    My wife and I will be returning to CSA 14-19 Feb.2010 to celebrate our one score and ten anniversary. Our anniversary is really in Aug. but we are going to escape the WI winter for this special occasion.
    Bill & Cindy
    Menomonee Falls, WI

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    My wife and I will be returning to CSA 14-19 Feb.2010 to celebrate our one score and ten anniversary. Our anniversary is really in Aug. but we are going to escape the WI winter for this special occasion.
    Bill & Cindy
    Menomonee Falls, WI

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    You will all love CSA. This will be our third trip and we have no desire to go anywhere else. A good meet up place is the piano bar. Ultimate Chocolate is the most amazing entertainer we have met. There are so many wonderful staff at CSA. You will feel like family the moment you arrive. Once you will know!

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    Default Sand fleas

    Does anyone know how best to keep the sand fleas off?I read that they are really bad even during the day.Are the bad all the time or just certain seasons?I read to bring lots of bug spray but just wanted some more advice!Thanks!Can't wait to go Feb. 12th!!

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    We have been to CSA twice, once in January and once in February and didn't get one bite on either visit. Don't know if it was the time of year or we were just not tasty enough. We spent a great deal of time on the beach and attended the beach party at night. Brought repellant with us but didn't use it on either trip.

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    The sand fleas don't bother my wife at all. They love me. After every shower I put on Deep Woods Off with Deet. If I don't I will have 50 bites on each leg. They don't hurt or itch, they just look terrible.

    In the mornings I shower, apply sun screen and then apply Off on my entire body. After I shower, before dinner, I apply it to my legs only. This works for me.

    We've been in March, May and December and the sand fleas always seem to find me. So, now I use Off all of the time.

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    My husband and I will be there Feb 7 to 14. I will be the visiting fitness instructor for the week...any spinning or step enthusiasts out there?

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    Have never tried spinnng or stepping but would love to. Will you be giving beginners classes. We are there from the 11th to the 18th.

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    Northern gal-absolutely will be offering beginner spin classes. Step isn't advertised as such, but I will accommodate beginners, of course! Hope to see you!

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    Just couldn't keep the secret any longer. Had hoped to tell my hubby about the trip I booked for February at Christmas but it just wasn't as much fun doing the countdown alone, so I told him on our Anniversary this weekend. At least now I can talk about the trip with him. He is very excited and it will be much more fun being excited together. 136 days to go.

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    I would love to try a spinning class also!Very excited to go!!Looking forward to meeting you all!!

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    Flights are now booked so it really feels official that we are going. I am starting to be drawn to the MB every day, usually more than once a day.
    I am so looking forward to being back at CSA!

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    Finally turned that page on my calendar and we are now at double digits--99 days to go and we will be back in paradise. I am going crazy with the wait this time!

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    Hi everyone. We are going to Swept Away 2/1 to 2/8. This is our second time there - went in August and loved it. We are from the east end of Long Island and really looking forward to leaving the cold damp weather we have in February. Only 70 days to go!!!

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    We are a returning 30ish couple from Maine. Cannot wait for our stay in February from the 14th to the 19th.

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    What a perfect morning. It is Christmas Eve and I am sitting here waiting for my grandchildren to wake. Surrounded by those I love the most and I decided to check emails. Just received notification that the final payment for our trip to CSA will now be applied to our credit card. That means we will be leaving soon! Life is wonderful! Merry Christmas to all!

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    Default February is for going "Home"

    We will be at CSA Feb 24 to March 3rd. Will any one else be there during that week? It is our 3rd visit to CSA and 4th (Sans Souci) to Couples.

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    iscubanow47 we will thier 2/20 through 3/3 hope to see you. Our first time at CSA, 5th time to Couples

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    Default trip times

    Hi, My wife, Carrol and I will be there Feb. 15th thru the 25th. Our second trip to csa. The countdown has begun for us, we live in Michigan and our "enjoying" our winter so far. A break from the weather and the prisons we both work in will be a fantastic getaway. We fell in love with csa last time there and will be there to soak up the Jamaican life. Will be keeping a close eye on the message board here, so anybody going around those times,, throw in your itinerary. Always great to meet new friends and help to accentuate the csa experience. We are both in our late forties and ready to party. See you on the beach and at the bars,,,
    Jeff and Carrol

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    Any Scuba divers at this thread?

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    Default Good Times!!

    My wife and I are going April 3-8th. Staying at CSA in the BFVS. First timers to the resort. Cant wait!!

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    Hi all!

    We'll be getting married at CSA on Feb 25 @ 4 pm (most likely on the beach).

    It's our first trip to Couples -- we're staying from Feb 22 - March 1. We're so excited ... looks like a few of you all will be there when we are. Looking forward to meeting you!

    - Mikal (and Josh)

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