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    Default Help deciding between CSA and CN

    I have seen CSA and CN compared before, but I still can not decide.
    Here is a little background info:
    We are getting married at the resort in mid April (15-22), she is 31 I am 40; It will most likely be just the 2 of us; The AN beach is not a priority; We are both outgoing and enjoy meeting people, however, we may want to spend the entire week with each other only; From what I can tell, CSA seems more romantic but CN seems to be more energetic...
    I know we will have a great time at either resort but I would love to make this trip absolutely perfect for her. Also might help to know that her initial pick was CN.
    Also activities I have planned;
    YS falls for zip line, Appleton Rum tour, Rick's and how long is the trip to Bob Marley museum?
    Thank you so much for any advice and info! We are Couples virgins and are so excited after reading the many favorable posts on the MB!!!!

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    If her initial pick was CN, then book at CN.
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
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    I totally, 100% know where you are coming's a tough decision. My husband and I (he 39 and me 30) are currently looking to book during the exact same week you are and have been back and forth between the two. From what I understand if you become a romance rewards memeber you would be able to go and visit the other property while you are there (no dinner privlidges, day only) that might be an option for you too. I've gotten some confilicting info from Couples as to whether first time visitors are able to take advantage of this but after a few phone calls to the resort it appears you are able to. You do need however to sign on to this program before arrival (takes about a month to process I think!). Good luck...I'm sure wherever you decide will be perfect. Perhaps we'll share a drink one day on these beautiful beaches....


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sun Kissed View Post
    . . . . You do need however to sign on to th[e Romance Reward] program before arrival (takes about a month to process I think!) . . . .
    Not quite. You register for the Romance Rewards program through this web site and receive your RR number immediately when you do so. That's all you need to sign up for the Trading Places program.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Default Csa!

    My friend just got back from CN a couple of months ago and said that it was awesome! But he said that the beach is better at CSA, so thats why my wife and I chose CSA. Hope that helps!

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    Default Thanks

    I signed up for the RR program this morning. I have also been reading Sun Kissed's thread because there are a lot of good responses. This is getting so hard to decide, there seem to be loyalists to each resort... I am TORN! Hopefully people will keep giving their opinion and something will speak out to me. I honestly like both right now!

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    I totally here's a hard decision...and I'm sure you want it to be perfect for your new wife. You are sweet to put so much thought into this (something my husband would do too!). In the end, because we are going for two weeks we are in the process of booking a week at each! Having said that, if I was going for one week, after all the reading and research, I think I'd have ended up at CSA. The big attraction to CN for me was the amazing pool area...but in the end, I've swam in beatiful pools in the Mayan so seeing as I'm on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world...I think I'd choose CSA for it offers more pro's to me. Plus, I think it's a little more intimate and romantic.....

    Quote Originally Posted by rsgerm View Post
    I signed up for the RR program this morning. I have also been reading Sun Kissed's thread because there are a lot of good responses. This is getting so hard to decide, there seem to be loyalists to each resort... I am TORN! Hopefully people will keep giving their opinion and something will speak out to me. I honestly like both right now!

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    I found a review on Trip Advisor that has done what everyone keeps saying will happen... one of the resorts will speak out to you... well it finally happened.
    A family on a trip from Delaware had this to say in their conclusion of a wonderfully written review....
    "It wasn’t until the very last day of my vacation that I began to understand it all. This wasn’t some glitzy, marble, sterile resort where you came to spend a week or so of your life. This was a beautiful and comfortable home away from home, set in a tropical garden of pools, wildlife and perfect beaches."
    Couples Negril is it!!! I think.... haha!

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    I saw the same post on trip advisor and it was a well written account of CN and I loved the ending of it as well. We went to CN for our first time in November and LOVED it. You will too. You can't go wrong with any of the resorts but CN is GREAT.

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    Csa csa csa.

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    You know-really and truly, it doesn't matter which one you pick, you will magically fall in love with it.

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    Oh,how I do love CN so much better than CSA..So I would highly recommend CN over CSA.

    Hugs from cold and snowy Steamboat Springs,Colorado

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    i think it all depends on the first place that you visited if you have a preference. My wife and I stayed at CSA on our honeymoon two years ago and we just today booked our return trip to CSA for April. I have heard good things about CN but i think its true that if you want a more layed back and romantic experience then go to CSA.

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    I have to say that if CN pulled at her heart first that is where you need to go.

    We were married at CN 2 years ago, it was the most magical day. I am not sure if it was this was the second time around for both of us, but I do think that our surroundings had so much to do with it. The property, the beach, the pool, the people are all wonderful.

    I have read several times that people think that CSA is more intimate and romantic, this confuses me because CSA has 312 rooms and CN has 234. I guess it must be the way lay out.

    Bottom line, which ever one you choose, you will fall in love. (in a whisper "pick CN")

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    CSA is more romantic, more laid back...for a honeymoon CSA no contest!

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    I agree with tmiller45m. I love CSA. Go for the one that draws you in. And if one hasn't, then keep looking at stuff until it does. Good luck.

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    It is a crazy, tough decision to make, but one that no matter what you make can't go wrong with! We just returned from CN in Mid Dec. And we so loved it! We were torn on which one to do, and for us the thing that pushed us to CN was all rooms had mini bars and Tv's. Lame I know, but something we had to have, as the pricing for us in Canada put CSA out of our budget.
    Read what everyone says about "their" resort and take whats most important to you! Everything positive you hear about CN is accurate and the negatives, I found exagerrated! We loved everything about CN, including the supposed short walkin Beach! Its still over 2miles in the Bay. And we are walkers, and found it great!
    Now we are also Couple-aholics! And have booked to go back this Dec 2010. But due to finding ways to get to CSA cheaper, via the Couples website!, we are going to give CSA a go with a Garden Verandah room, tv and mini bar! This way we can enjoy Couples and see how great CSA is also! And then after that we might say to go one resort or the other! Or more then likely have to find a way to visit both CN and CSA more often!
    Enjoy Couples and Negril! Cuz We sure DID!

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    Blondie, I think CSA is more romantic because it is spread out. Everything is not all right there together. That means that, as a couple, you walk/stroll to the different places on the resort while holding hands and being with the one you love. Also, the lighting at night is so softly lit and pretty, that night time walks are the best! I think you can be more intimate and romantic when you don't have people all around you all the time. It may have more rooms, but it is way more spread out than CN. I love that it is like a small village. A village my husband and I get to discover and enjoy together. CSA ROCKS! Margi

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