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    Default Seandymon can you help me with my Romance Rewards account

    Quote Originally Posted by Seandymon View Post
    Hello Couplesholics,

    I hope everyone had a safe and happy new year. As you all know I have recently taken over the Romance Rewards Program, and we are beginning to fix and resolve some of the issues the program (and you) were experiencing. Some changes you may have started to notice are: prompt responses to emails, updated accounts, and someone to answer your call (should you do so). I can assure you that I will continue to become more and more efficient in these areas.

    Additionally, and effective immediately, everyone who signs up as a new Romance Rewards member will only receive awards nights for stays starting in 2009 (i.e.: you sign up, and have stayed in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008, and 2009; you will only receive nights for the length of your stay in 2009). The Romance Rewards program has been in place now for nearly three years so it is unlikely for our loyal followers to not know about the program.

    If you have signed up for Romance Rewards already, and you do not have the appropriate nights in your account due to an error on our part, I will only go back as far as February 2007, when the present program was created, to award any and all missing nights. Any stays prior to 2007 will not receive nights.

    We will also be improving/making more efficient the process the Front Desk staff uses to assure the appropriate points are added to your account prior to check out. That way your account should be updated well in advance of your next trip.

    Thank you all for your support, patience, and understanding. We look forward to welcoming you home again soon.
    I signed up for Romance Rewards over a year ago and was given a rewards number (dont have it handy) but now when I try to sign in it says my login isnt registered. I can't send a request through the romance rewards page either because I need my romance rewards number... can you email me Thanks

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    Roclin, Ultimate Love sounds like a great idea!

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    Hi Sean, you are doing a great job getting this all lined out, and I'm sure it's not going to be easy, but you seem to have the enthusiasm and attention to detail it requires!
    Just a note, and a small one at that... but... we were at CSS about 3 weeks ago and we did not receive our departure pack/snack. The other repeaters on our bus did not either. Since it's part of our rewards, just wondering why we didn't receive it? I'm a stickler for receiving what is shown we are to get on any program (don't dangle it there if we're not gonna get it), and it was noted that this wasn't given to us. I really was looking forward to getting the cooler too.

    If it's going to be hit or miss, then maybe remove it from the list of items you are to receive, and that way it can be a nice surprise if given?

    So a suggestion to be sure this is given out upon departure, since it is offered as one of the items we are to receive. And I don't guess there is any way I can still get the cooler by mail or something??

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    We didn't get our snack on check-out at CSS either. This was due in part to the bus driver saying "f- this" and then leaving after being asked to wait for someone to bring us the departure gifts, but the staff didn't have them there and ready which didn't help either.

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    I have a question for you. With the Young Love package and the 30 minute massages, can this 1/2 hour be added to more time with our Spa Credit Special we received when we reserved? For instance could we use the credit for an hour massage and then get 1.5 hours? It says it's not transferable but nothing about adding it to another offer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roclin View Post
    Hi Seandymon, Thanks for taking on the Romance Rewards program. I know you will do a great job fine tuning it.

    I have a suggestion...

    When I objectively review what is offered at each level, all but one item is available to me 100% of the time. While many of the items offered are optional... I don't have to spend my gift shop credit, I don't have to attend the repeat guest dinner, I don't have to get the massage etc.... if I want them, I get them. The one item that is only sometimes available is the "One Catageory Upgrade upon arrival (subject to availability)". This is definitely a reward I would really like to receive for showing my loyalty to Couples.

    It would be interesting to determine what percentage of people who have earned this reward actually receive it. Couples doesn't seem like the kind of organization to dangle a carrot that only a few people that are eligible to receive, actually get.

    A suggestion from earlier in this thread to add another category, maybe "Ultimate Love 34+ nights stayed", might be a consideration. Remove the "upgrade upon arrival subject to availability" from Passionate Love and add "Upgrade upon booking" to Ultimate Love. Sure, like the $100 make it conditional upon a stay of 7 nights or more if that makes sense.

    Thanks for providing the four pieces of paradise all of us Coupleholics can't get enough of!
    Roclin, that's a great thought process resulting in a great idea. It seems pretty fair and objective, too. 34 nights... that's 5-7 trips for most people. A guaranteed upgrade seems like a reasonable request for that kind of loyalty.

    The only problem I see is all those people at 34+ nights who have already booked. Trying to grandfather them in might be a nightmare, and you know they'd be screaming for it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElaineChick View Post
    We didn't get our snack on check-out at CSS either. This was due in part to the bus driver saying "f- this" and then leaving after being asked to wait for someone to bring us the departure gifts, but the staff didn't have them there and ready which didn't help either.
    ...We had to leave early in the morning from CN, before regular breakfast. But they did have a "Continental Breakfast" set up. We had a GREAT driver named Elliot who kept us laughing all the way to the airport. Sad that your's was like that.

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    Default CN has departure problems

    Hi -

    We did not receive our travel pack at the end of our CN stay, and when I asked the front desk about it, they said "oh, I thought I gave that to you".

    We did not get our $100 check handed to us, either. They said they make these checks out on Fridays, and we left on a Monday. Huh?? They assured me it would be mailed, but I insisted on an e-mail contact, which was grudgingly given. It held up the bus until the staff could get it sorted out.

    After 15 days, I e-mailed, received a very nice reply from Dilly-Ann, and received my check in the mail within the week.

    Sean, you've got your job cut out for you at CN!


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    Default Good Luck

    I have to add my two cents worth on this subject.

    1. I also hope that the program is corrected soon. I know our points are not correct, we have credit for 23 days, but have gone every year since 2003 just returning from our 6th or 7th trip. I will check our account in a month to see if we are credited for this last trip.

    2. We also did not receive the snack pack, again no big deal.

    3. As for the upgrade, I would suggest that until couples starts offering this up front, that you be a little more aggressive. I have received an upgrade each time the past three years, but had to be a little forceful about it. Each time at check in I was told " I am sorry we are booked at capacity, there is no upgrade available". I would not accept that and told them I did not believe they were booked solid and asked to speak to a manager. In each case the manager made an upgrade available, and each year I was told the same thing, " She was doing her job, she doesnt know about these special rooms set aside, and I am doing this for you as a loyal customer, et. etc. "

    4. I would like to see spa credits transferable. On this last trip, believe it or not, my wife could not spend $350.00 and we left with a $75.00 credit. This is not able to be carried foreward, nor could we transfer to someone else. We had met a very nice couple and we knew they did not have the means for the spa, we would have loved to give them the credit as a gift but was told we could not.

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    Regarding the departure snack, again, this is not something I pulled out of thin air asking for. It is STATED as what we will get. If it's on there as what we are to get, then we should get it.. it's that simple.

    I know it's no big deal as far as it's a small thing, BUT, it is a part of our published/stated rewards, so we should get it. We should receive everything listed unless it says "only if available" or something like that, which it clearly does not. Otherwise, why list it as a reward?

    It's the same thing for a room description on the company website to state bathrobes are included, but you get there and no bathrobes, just as an example. A customer should expect to have bathrobes if it's listed, and would not expect them if it's not listed. Simple as that.

    If we're not going to get it, then remove it from the list of rewards. It doesn't say "if available", it says we will receive the departure snack, just like the massage, repeaters dinner invitation etc..

    It just kinda peeves me with any kind of program to be told you will receive things, then not actually get them, no matter how big or small.

    I believe now that Sean is in charge and putting his all into it, that these issues will get resolved... thanks for tackling this!

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    Default Spa credits not transferrable

    Hi again,

    Steve & Cindy, I had about the same issue as you with the spa credits. We meet our British friends every year at CN. They were not able to book the $350 spa credit special from England.

    I tried to "treat" my friend to have a pedicure with me, but the spa staff wouldn't accomodate, and said those credits had to be used by me. I didn't understand the problem. I felt I should have been able to use my spa credits on anyone I wanted.

    It's a moot point now, since that special is over, but it's something to think about.


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    My husband and I were at CTI Jan. 4th to 11th 2010. We did not sign up for romace rewards before we went because we figured we would be to busy to go to San Souci and we didn't think we would return in time to use our points before they expired. Well my husband says we are going to start saving now because we have to return in 2 to 3 years. He said he's hooked and we will have to come back for some sun because we had almost none while we were there. (but please know we had a great time!!!)

    My questions is this - Can I sign us up for the romance rewards now and get credit for the nights we have stayed or is that just lost because I didn't do it before we came on vacation?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Hello sun n fun,

    Yes, as long as your stay was in 2009, as a new member, I will update your account. Just email me through the RR site.
    Romance Rewards and Preferred Agency Program
    Couples Resorts!

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    With the helpful guidance of the super cool Seandymon, I signed us up for the "Young Love" level. How cool is that, especially considering we've yet to step foot on a Couples property. But Pamela and ColoradoJuli were dead on with their advice: even for first timers, if you book two resorts, the second resort is considered a repeat. For those who, like Rosa and I, are making their Couples debut with their upcoming trip, but booked two resorts in the same vacation, that second one indeed qualifies you as a repeater. So sign up for the Romance Rewards to qualify for the t-shirts, massage, repeat dinner guest, etc.

    What a great resort. And what a great and KNOWLEDGEABLE group of Couples veterans on this message board. A wholehearted thanks from Rosa and me.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElaineChick View Post
    We didn't get our snack on check-out at CSS either. This was due in part to the bus driver saying "f- this" and then leaving after being asked to wait for someone to bring us the departure gifts, but the staff didn't have them there and ready which didn't help either.
    LOL brilliant we would have felt like we never left nyc !!
    folks the snack is a bottle of water a bananna and a granloa bar
    you arent missing much so after a wonderful week at a great resort dont let the lil things disrupt the big things

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    I agree, it's not a big thing (the departure snack)... but it IS listed as something we are to receive.. why should one thing on the list be any more important than another? Nothing was disrupted at all during our vacation, I'm just saying not to put something on there as something we are to get if we're not going to get it... regardless of what that something is. Why should it be hit or miss on ANY item listed? I have faith that Sean will take handle the issues to be sure as things get lined out that items we are promised as rewards WILL be received.

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    The departure snack is kinda a big deal - not so much for the actual snack but rather the cool little lunch box it comes in. I'm very excited to use it when I get home. CSA has the romance rewards thing least on our last two visits. Each time there was a bag waiting for us at checkin with all the items and again the snack pack was handed to me when we checked out. I do the pre-check-in so maybe that helps...

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    We did the pre check in also, as did the repeaters on our bus. We received everything on the list except for the departure snack. That cool lunch box is what I was (half) joking with Seanandymon to send me by mail because I really wanted one and was expecting to get one when we left. Our bag with all our certificates etc.. was waiting for us too upon arrival due to our pre check in. So apparently pre checking in doesn't have anything to do with it. No repeaters on our bus ride home got the departure snack pack, and we all pre checked in. It's just the point that if it's on the list of things we are to receive, then it's not out of the realm to expect to receive them. I too, really wanted the cooler more than the actual items in it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RubiGal04 View Post
    So apparently pre checking in doesn't have anything to do with it. No repeaters on our bus ride home got the departure snack pack, and we all pre checked in. It's just the point that if it's on the list of things we are to receive, then it's not out of the realm to expect to receive them. I too, really wanted the cooler more than the actual items in it!
    ...Neither did we. Didn't even know about it. But did get an early ("Continental") breakfast.

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    Default Are we still members???

    I've just re-read the terms & conditions of the 'Romance Rewards' & am worried that we won't still be members.

    We stayed 2wks in May 2005 (before Romance Rewards was created~) then 2wks in March 2007. Our account shows 'Renewed Love' level.

    We have booked this year for 1wk @ CSA 15th May & then on to CN for 1wk 29th May.

    Does this still fall in the 'return within 2 calender years' category???

    PLEASE, PLEASE, say yes

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    Ok, I have a question...we are doing a split stay in Dec....3 nights at CSA and 4 nights at CN. So, would we pre-register as arriving at CSA, to get our check in stuff, even though we will be at CN for the repeaters dinner and the check out snack that everyone's talking about, and likely get couples massage there as well? Or do I have to pre-register seperately for each location?

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    I think the rule has been changed to return once in 3 years.

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    Default snack pack

    Our snack pack was not ready for us when we left CSS this past September. I asked about it, and they held the bus for about 5 minutes and went and made one for us. I is not the snack itself that is great (although the water is good before you have to pitch it at the airport), but the handy dandy lunchbox is great for use at home! Just be sure to ask at checkout if it not right there for you.
    Jamie & David
    CN 11/2005 & 10/2008 & 11/2011
    CSS 9/2007, 9/2009, 9/2010, 11/2011, 9/2012, 9/2013
    CTI 9/2013, 11/2015, 11/2017

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    Default Repeater gifts

    Hi all. We were just at CTI from Jan. 14-Jan. 21. We of course had a lovely time. The weather could have cooperated a bit more but all-in-all it was good. I just wanted to share my experience with the repeaters gifts. I had pre-checked in over a month before we left and then read some talk on the message board about that being too early. So, I did it again. We didn't get our t-shirts (wrong biggie), invitation to the repeaters dinner, and massage coupons until midweek. This too, was fine. I guess I would have liked to have the massage coupons upon check-in though because it was raining early in our visit and it would have been a good time to do the massage. Upon leaving, we did not receive a check. I even forgot about it but my husband reminded me. I asked and they said they would mail it to me. At this same time, I asked about the snack pack and was told the bellhop would give it to me. They didn't and when we asked he went running around to get one and came back with the lunchbox with only two granola bars in there. Again, it was fine. Would have had to dump the water at the airport anyway.

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    I really wish Couples would do something else with the room upgrade offer. No one we spoke to ever got it. I understand its by availability only, but its never seems available. If you have so many repeaters, rebooking, filling your resorts then offer something else if its not available.
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