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    Default Appleton Rum Tour?

    Hello All, it will be our first trip to Jamaica and our 1st pick is CSA. We are wondering if anyone has ever been on the Appleton Rum Tour and if you can tell us how far from CSA it is? Is there a regular Tour that goes there or would we be "on our own". Any information on it would be much appriciated! We are there the week of Jan 17 - 23.

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    It's about 90 min away from what I recall. I loved the tour but wouldn't make the trip just for that. We did the bundle package offered at the resort that combined the Black River Safari tour, YS Falls and the Appleton Rum Estate tour in one day. Appleton was my favorite of the three. Though YS was a little handicapped at the time - it was RAGING from a hurricane the week before, so we didn't get to do much more than walk up the side of it and "ooh and ahh". I think it was something like $100 a person and went from 8am-5pm. It's a long day, and a long bus ride, but it was nice to get out and do something and see a bit more of Jamaica. That also included a stop for lunch at some hillside open-air place that served up jerked meats and rice and beans. It was by no means fancy, but it was nice sitting out there overlooking the countryside. Not sure if they go to the same place every time.

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    I would definitely do it for the experience. We enjoyed seeing Jamaica out of the resort setting. We also did the Black River, YS falls and Appleton tour. However, our tour guide had us get lunch at the Black River - we had some pizza - different but good! The tour guide was full of info and funny to boot. We wouldn't do it again but are glad we went!

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    Tammylynn -

    I agree with smoo... Appleton is a really neat tour, especially for rum enthusiasts and history buffs. I also enjoyed the tour of the plant from a professional standpoint, being a process control engineer. If I recall, the tour does not run on one day during the week (Sunday?). Smoo is also right in suggesting that you bundle the Appleton Estate tour with one or two other stops or activities... If you leave campus by 9 a.m., you will be back by dinner.

    You can book this a few ways. You can do a bit of research and book it ahead with one of the local tour operators and set your own pace, or you can book it with the tour desk at the resort, which would put you on a schedule with a busload of people. You can also, I'm sure, book an individual tour for just a few people at the tour desk, but the price will go up accordingly.


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    Thanks everyone, thats what I need is a little feedback on what's out there and available.

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