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    Default Calling from CSS

    Ladies and Gents:

    I've seen posts about this in the past but was wondering if any new technology or ideas have surfaced.

    What is the most efficient and cost effective way to call to check on kids from CSS to US? I'm not talking often, but once a day would be nice. My wife and I are equipped with iPhones w/ ATT service as well as a MacBook Pro. Last time we did vidoe chat over the computer, but this time the grandparents will be travelling with the little one so it would be much better to be able to call a phone number. Any ides?

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    Buy a JusTalk card at the resort. We do this every year and it works perfectly

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    We were at CSS last March and I asked in the gift shop if they sold calling cards and they said no

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    Hmmmm....we go to CTI, and I just assumed that all the resorts had them. They didn't have them one year, but got them for us the next day.

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