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Thread: CN, CSS or CTI?

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    Default CN, CSS or CTI?

    My husband and I visited CN last Feb. and we loved it. We were suprised how much we enjoyed the au naturel beach. We are getting ready to book for this Feb. and were wondering if we should choose a differect resort. Again we are looking forward to the au naturel beach at CN but were wondering if maybe CSS or CTI had a beeter one or maybe a more social setting on the naturel beach. CN was very quiet during the day and we allways felt like we were hidding out and missing out on what was going on at the main beach. It sounds like the other two resorts have a more social au naturel beach. Any insite would be great.

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    Becktamara1, I have been to all three locations, and they each have something special to offer. CN has the best beach, CTI has the unique island, and CSS has the most complete layout. So it really depends on what you want. If you are looking for the most social AN area, IMHO CTI is tops. The left side of the island is perfectly designed to meet people and socialize. CSS would be 2nd.

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    Just wanted to note that that isn't much beach out on the island at CTI. But there is access to the water from down near the dock and on a set of steps on the back side of the island. I cooled off in the water using both the stairs and the beach access near the dock but there aren't any loungers on the small bit of sand there. The island has a combination of concrete and wood decking where the loungers are at. There are pergola things for shade, a swim-up bar and pool and a single hammock.

    I haven't been to any of the other resorts, but we loved the island at CTI. I'm not sure we'd have as nice of an experience on a mixed beach. We much prefer the isolation and relaxing atmosphere the island provided. The bar and pool are totally setup for socializing though, if thats what you want.

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    Default CSS hands down

    Having been to all three my vote would be CSS, great facilty. The beach is not as nice as CN but the rest of the AN more than compensates. CTI is a great party place but you do run the risk of it being closed for days if the seas are rough or the winds high and when you may only have 7 days it make my choice easy.


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    Hey Becktamara 1 !!!!!! Is this Tim & Tamara from CN Feb 09 ????????????? Bob

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    Hey Tamara !!!!! e-mail me

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    We spend most of the day on the main beach @ CN to be social because we felt the same way, like we were missing out on stuff. then late afternoon head to the AN beach to swim and watch the sun set in the hot tub.

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    Default Which One??

    Our first love "was Tower Island (still love it), however, our new love is most definitely SSB, we have met so many great people at both places.

    We tried CN last year, which is a beautiful resort, but found it a bit "different" having to walk starkers across the main beach with the textile crowd to swim in the ocean, some people love it though, so to each there own.

    If you can't make up your mind, pull the names out of a hat!



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