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    Default Cell Phones at CN

    I will pry give my family Couples Negril's phone number with our information in case they would need to get ahold of us (since we have a baby and all).

    How about cell phone service? Is it existant?

    We have Verizon.


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    Verizon works at Couples Negril. I was told it costs $2 per minute.

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    Thanks Zoo Keeper - I will pry have to call at least once to check on my baby! Otherwise just for emergencies (Heaven forbid).

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    i turned mine on twice once i sent a pic back home and used a few blackberry added about 18 bucks to my bill. I would keep it off until you get back home

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    I have Verizon and wasn't able to place a call last January, but I could send texts.

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    I was there in September. I have Verizon. I listened to my voicemail twice and did not get charged. I kept in touch through email.

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    Cell phone service is fine. I added the world plan for a month when we went to get the minutes cheaper. Normally I wouldn't have turned it on but since it was my birthday, I knew family would be calling. I turned it off the next day, hahaha.

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