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    Default St.Patrick's Day

    Any other Irishmen (or wannabees) at CSS March 17th? I think appropriate festivities are in order! Has anyone ever been for St Paddy's before, and does the resort plan anything special?

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    Ok, so we won't be there on March 17th this year but it's my husband's birthday so we may shoot for that next year!!!! Anyone else from the McCarty clan????

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    We are staying an extra night just to be there on St. Patrick's Day, my wife is Irish & I am Polish but I can drink like an Irishman. Can't wait to be on SSB drinking green beer.....see ya all there.

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    Default ok...i'll drink to that.

    this will be the 5th year in a row that we leave css on march 16and then go to the parade in N.Y.C. on the 17th....but hey , lets have a party anyway 5'oclock monday march 15 SSB bar....i'll wear my guinness hat . you can wear something green or just look Irish. ALL WELCOME..the beer is free.

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    Joe, I'll be right there with you, last year we had friends from Warsaw stay with us and they taught us that in Poland you do Tequila shooters with orange & cinnamon, instead of lemon and salt, much better than green beer!

    Trouble, why the heck not? We'll make it a St Paddy's Day Week LOL

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    We'll be at CSS on St. Pat's. It's our anniversary. We aren't Irish, but we'll be celebrating it for sure!

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    hey everybody.....looks like a party there 3/9 to 3/16

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    We'll (Stuart & Pauline) be there on the 17th. and joining in with the celebrations. Pauline's family is Irish.

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    Hi, Bumping this up as we are getting closer to the date. 9 more days until we arrive. Does CSS do anything special? Should I bring some Irish Music and is there a CD player available at SSB if I do? I have picked up some "trinkets" to share and get our new friends not met yet in the "spirit"

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    There is an "Irish" pub in Ochi, you might want to see what they are doing on Saint Patrick's day.
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    We were at Couples Negril on St. Patty's day last year. I went to a few stores before we left and bought some St. Patty's day beads, pins and " Irish Coins". On St. Patty's day I took it all with me in a big ziploc bag and we let the bar tenders, staff and other Couples guests pick something out of our Irish treasure trove to celebrate the holiday and be " Irish" for a day.They loved it! The bar tenders were even concocting their own green drinks and asking us to come up with names for them. It was a blast!

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    Can't make it this year, but maybe 2011 I'll even bring my bagpipes and hook up with the reggae band!!!

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